Liverpool heroes Rush and Gerard return Cop King Kenny Dalglish after a positive test

  • Kenny Dalglish is unforgettable but tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to an inevitable concern for Liverpool’s good health.


Modified April 11, 2020, 04:22 IST

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Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish

Liverpool’s heroes Ian Rush and Steven Gerard sent a message of support to King Kenny Dalglish of Cope, following positive tests for Scott Coronavirus.

On Friday, the Dalglish family was told in a message that the 5-year-old was incomplete.

Scotland’s Great Dalglish was hospitalized on Wednesday for treatment of an infection when he was tested for Seaweed-1 and was shown to “unexpectedly” carry the virus.

Dalglish’s partner and Liverpool’s record scorer, Rush, wrote on Instagram: “I wish everyone a speedy recovery … Sir Kenny Dalglish. Get well soon #YNWA”

Gerard led Liverpool in charge of Dalglish’s second spell at Anfield, which ended in May 2012, and the pair have a close relationship.

Now the Rangers’ manager, Gerard, writes: “Get well soon, king.”

Liverpool’s current goalkeeper Allison sends his greetings and writes: “Love to Sir Kenny Dalglish from the Baker family !!”

Former England striker Gary Lineker and Robbie Keane and James Milner, echoes of the Scottish Football Association, sent the message “Get well soon, Sir Kenny.”

Celtic, the club where Dalglish started his playing life, said: “Following tonight’s news, we extend our love and best wishes to @KennethDoglish. King Kenny get well soon.”

Newcastle United and Blackburn, which he led, also rallied behind Dalglish.

Former Blackburn center-back Colin Hendry, who helped the Dalglish team to a 4-1 Premier League title, favored Scott to return to full health.

Hendry wrote on Twitter: “One of the biggest impacts of my career … My childhood idol .. My then director ……. King Kenny. And another match you win … I’m sure xx”

Published on April 11, 2020, 04:22 IST

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