Liverpool won the league and Cam Newton reached the NFL


Retrieved 28 April 2020, 12:30 IST

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Cam Newton started his NFL career in 2011

Liverpool hope to end their league title drought by 2020 which has now spread for 30 years.

On this day three decades ago Liverpool became the champions of the first division and they could not significantly win the English top flight.

NFL free agent Cam Newton could also reflect this date in sports history, as the Carolina Panthers have been drafting for nine years.

We look back at some of the most memorable moments in the world of sports here for the 26th of April.

1990 – Liverpool win their most recent league title

On 26 April 1990, Liverpool became English champions after a 2-1 win over QPR.

It looked like the Reds, who went into their penalty match of title rivals Aston Villa’s two-point clear promotion, could be denied when QPR Roy Wegler went through the headlines.

However, Ian Rush equalized just before half-time and John Barnes’ penalty was converted by Liverpool 25 minutes later.

All the while, their win, combined with a 3-3 draw against Villarreal Norwich City, ensured Liverpool were champions for the 18th time.

This means that Kenny Dalglish’s side will not see their fortunes go to the last day, they are keen to avoid a year of heart-breaking loss to Arsenal.

Very few people could believe that there would be a 30-year title drought to follow.

But the coronavirus epidemic under Liverpool Jurgen Klopp was finally on the verge of ending the long wait before the Premier League season ended.

2011 – Cam Newton takes first place in the Star Stud NFL Draft

The Panthers were Newton’s first overall pick nine years ago.

The quarterback won the NFL MVP award in the 2015 season, but did not make it to the Panthers’ Super Bowl in the end before he became emotional before the 2020 season.

Newton has been without a team since the Panthers were released in March, but he is keen to continue his NFL career.

An impressive draft class in 2011 saw Von Miller, who will continue to oppress Newton and win the MVP award, as the Denver Broncos selected the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl 50.

We also saw two star wide receivers enter the league, a. Jay Green led the Cincinnati Bengals to four, and the Atlanta Falcons traded Julio Jones to six.

Great J. of Houston Texans. J. Watt has a great collection at number eleven, with the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman getting somewhat unbelievable, who was the 154th pick.

2007 – Cricket World Cup glory for Australia

Australia won the third consecutive Cricket World Cup on this day 13 years ago.

The Aussies beat Sri Lanka by 53 runs in the Duckworth-Lewis method in Bridgetown, Barbados.

After the delay in starting the process, only the final decision remains in that fashion.

Australia recorded a great score of 211-4 in their 36 overs, scoring 149 off 104 balls with the help of Adam Gilchrist.

Sri Lanka had a revised 3-over target of 269 but could only make it 215-8.

India and England have won two of the next three tournaments, but Australia’s 2015 win means they stand alone with five trophies. They also have a total of seven attendance records in the finals.