Logan Ryan is not returning to the Tennessee Titans


06 May 2020, 05:58 IST has been changed

NFL cornerback Logan Ryan

NFL cornerback Logan Ryan announced he would not return to the Tennessee Titans.

After spending the last three seasons in Tennessee, Ryan announced his departure via Instagram on Tuesday, where the Titans reached the AFC Championship in January.

The two-time Super Bowl champion doesn’t know who will play next season, but he’s sure where he won’t play.

Ryan writes, “My chapter in Tennessee has come to an end.” জন্য For fans of the Titans: Thank you for all the love, the strength and support that last season led it to run an epic.

“To my Titans teammates: I love everyone. Being a leader and gaining your respect is the most important thing for me. Win, we win or lose, we are stuck together and not behind anyone.

“To the Animal Welfare Community: My Foundation @RF was founded and flourished in TN. I am forever grateful to all those who worked hard to support our four-bird friends.

“I look forward to continuing to play at an elite level as an organization that is great for my family and me. Stay safe and positive in this crazy time.”

Ryan appeared in 45 games – all starts – for the Titans in the last three seasons and a total of 251 tackles, 37 defenses, 8.5 sacks and four interceptions.

His most memorable game as a Titan was when he stopped New England Patriots teammate Tom Brady at the end of the AFC Wild Card game in January and returned it to upset 20-33.

Ryan has spent his first four seasons with the Patriots and has 13 interceptions in inter4 games.