Looking forward to that glorious final chapter of the Tiger Woods story

In a parallel universe, we can be sitting in a cafe somewhere in the world, Augusta fever is beginning to see the world moving forward.

We can talk about Rory McIlroy and his Midas touch. We will even change the subject of Brooks Quepker and his hope of a fifth major. Or risk a conversation with Jon Rahm and Justin Thomas, two of World Golf’s forces this year.

Comfortable chairs will make us suck for even longer. Keeping us warm for golf’s blue riband event is a great thought, and unfortunately a far cry from being trapped in the claustrophobic realm of the apartment today.

You don’t have to care about golf to make a Masters choice. It’s a sporting event that we all tune in to. It’s like a theater of dreams. The men of that final party on Sunday are like gods. Thousands of people are following them. Tune in to Million Worldwide.

Tiger Woods was a godsend last year. An unwholesome personality that stands out among thousands of fans. His roar echoed through the thick pine of Georgia. Another interesting chapter was added to his floor story.

His fifth title last year – and after winning the 15th major crown – Woods will defend his green jacket over the weekend. He may be 44 years old, but no one can bring as much magic to the course as the Florida native does.

McElroy, Thomas and Rahm are the top three players in the form this year, throwing out the Tigers’ popularity and what they have achieved in the game. All the fans want to see is the person.

থেকে From his first Masters win in 1997 to his self-destruction during the Terminator of his career – he was at 1,119th place at one point – and the resurgence has been largely unmatched.

Four years back and four knee surgery treatments have plagued and bedridden her during these years. No doubt he felt that his dreams of winning another tournament like this were years away.

Although it is now a different Woods – a man than a machine cutting through the field a decade ago. He gets more loose, stops chatting with players in the range and seems to really enjoy the buzz of the game.

Perhaps after recovering from those dark days of surgery, he realized the sense of humor he had when he was so focused on winning the tournament. For me, his victory in August last year made it even more extraordinary.

With two shots to go in the final round, Woods doesn’t get a better chance for the most thrilling comeback in American sports history.

People wanted the story to come back. Wanted to lift him a trophy. Wanted to see emotions. However, others believe that being in this final squad for him was a huge positive.

It was only the 15th hole when he took control after the overnight leader Francesco Molinari double boozed. Then on the 16th, he fired a glorious tee shot within three feet for birdie.

The straight man played two birdies clean with two holes to play birdie and he closed it in the final hole for a mental hug with his baby Charlie and Sam. An amazing story.

From that magical day in August, the World No.1 has been played 10 times, including winning the Japan Jose Championship and finishing fourth in the Hero World Challenge.

She hasn’t even featured since she tweeted back during the Genesis Open in February, but despite her history of spinal problems, she’s recovering and a physical break will make her a world of goodwill.

If Augusta went ahead as usual, he would have been less in the shadow of the competition. The focus figure is that he will be in the gym every day, conducting his rehab work and beating around the garden. Perhaps these extra hours will give him a chance to measure what’s on the road ahead.

He is still determined to compete and will keep trying as long as he can at the highest level. Although he is no longer in his 20s and 18 is being shrunk by Jack Nicklaus’ ‘last’ valuable years.

The goal is to keep challenging and most importantly, continue to enjoy his golf. The Woods PGA is on the receiving end of an all-time career victory list. He needs one more win to move ahead of his hometown Sam Snead with those 83 titles.

For any sports fan, the big man would be delighted to see his green jacket being defended this weekend. Sadly this cannot happen now. We have to wait until November and hopefully it is not too late for Woods to become more efficient.

At 45 years old in December, the only competitor is the competition and time. Season suspension means the drive is too late to stand alone at the top of the game. Another interesting section should be kept up.

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