Luis Suarez claims Sebastian Abreu was ready to move from Barca to Nacional

  • Sebastien Abreu believes that he had a real chance to persuade Luis Suarez to return to Uruguay’s club Nacional.


Revised April 11, 2020, 17:04 IST

Luis Suarez and Sebastian Abreu

Former Uruguayan international demands that Luis Suarez plan to leave Barcelona to return to his first club Nacional, when Sebastian Abreu gets a chance to coach.

While the Nationals were no coach when Alvaro Guterres stepped down late last year, Abreu – who spent three spells there as a player – was a leading candidate for the job.

At the time, he had a conversation with Suarez, who was clearly among the highest paid players and commented on the real possibility of returning to Uruguay, despite being contracted at Barcelona until 2021.

Abreu, who was an associate of Suarez in the national squad between 26 and 202, helped Uruguay finish fourth in the World Cup in both elections, and the Barcelona striker likely intended to connect. Make it up again with ‘El Loco’.

“I had full potential [of being Nacional coach], “He told the Uruguayan radio station Sport 890.

“And in those days, when, after December 18, Lewis was about to arrive, I told him: ‘Look, Lucho, this is not concrete, but there may be a possibility … What is your situation? What do we do?’

“[Abreu claims Suarez replied:] ‘If you become [coach], I talk to Sophie, I talk about family. I always told you that if you were a coach I could come back ‘”

He added: “Going back to the Nacional was something that inspired Lewis, it was a great challenge.”

Former goalkeeper Gustavo Manua, once an international colleague in Abreu, got the job.

Abreu is a Boston River players coach, and Suarez looks to find the rest of his contract at least at Camp Nou.

Published April 11, 2020, 17:04 IST

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