Man UTD star Pogba has revealed that he was an Arsenal fan

  • Continuing to join Manchester United’s departure was Paul Pogbar’s primary affection for Premier League rivals Arsenal.


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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed that he was an Arsenal supporter growing up because of the Gunners Great Thierry Henry and their French teammates.

Pogba is in his second match with United, before joining the Red Devils as Le Havre’s 16-year-old in 21 before moving to Juventus three years later and returning to the then world record fee in 2016.

But Pogbar was the primary passion for Arsenal’s opponent in the Premier League, he told United’s official podcast: “I’ll be honest. So, I was an Arsenal fan in the beginning – obviously because of all the French players, you know.

“I was my brother and I, but my other brother was a Manchester United fan. I couldn’t say anything, so I loved Henry and because of that I was an Arsenal fan. Then I changed my mind to go with another brother. No Arsenal, I was another. I went with you, United fan! “

Pogba – who has been linked with Old Trafford’s departure – also explained his decision to leave United for Serie Champion Juventus in 2012.

The winner of the World Cup in France says, “It was a very difficult decision for me, as well as everything else, with the manager.” It was not a contract but it was like having confidence with the manager. [Alex Ferguson].

“Obviously, the director is still the best director in history for me. When they asked me to sign a contract, a lot had happened if I didn’t sign. I didn’t train, I went back to training myself and my staff.

“It made me a little angry and it was nothing about money. It’s just you being a player, we trust you, you trust you and me, I just want to play football. That’s what I want to play. As I said before, When I had the opportunity to play or play against Blackburn, my heart broke.

“There was no midfield – people were injured, [Paul] Scholes was not there, I think he was already retired and that was before he returned. Rafael Park played in the midfield with G-song and I didn’t come into the game. We lost the game. I was on a warming bench and I thought I would come and it was a great opportunity for me. I don’t and things happen.

“The manager has a choice in everything but the day I broke my heart [Evra] It was an opportunity, I was training with him and he was talking to me and saying I would have a chance. However it did happen, I did not play and I was somehow upset.

“So I went to Juventus, which was a tough decision for me, because it was also going to another club where I was definitely not one of the first eleven, but I was able to come in as a young player, a young man, a talented player and to show you again. I went and it was a big challenge for me.I said: ‘Go for it, no problem. I want to show that I’m ready to play for the team. “

Published on April 15, 2020, 06:14 IST

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