Man Wood is positive about buying a verdict on the future but sees a ‘long way back’


April 24, 2020, 17:14 IST changed

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Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskier

Roy Kane sees reason to be optimistic about Manchester United’s progress in recent months but still believes they are “far behind” before challenging Liverpool or Manchester City.

Former United teammate Ole Gunnar has endured an inconsistent season under Solskazar, yet the 20-time English champions have gone on a coronavirus application due to form.

The Old Trafford team was unbeaten on 11 and was inspired by the arrival in January of midfielder Bruno Fernandez, fifth in the Premier League.

Former captain Kane is looking to United for a strong end to the season, but he realizes there is a wide gap between rivals Liverpool and City, the fugitive league leader and defending champions, respectively.

“I think United certainly has a feel-good factor compared to games in the past,” Kay told Sky Sports.

“Also, behind your mind, if you’re thinking [Paul] Pogba can get back, people like [Marcus] Rashford may be fit towards the end of the season, it will be a big encouragement for them.

“So of course there’s a feeling-good factor but United still have a long way to go. I still think they’re a long way behind City and possibly Liverpool.

“The symptoms are much better than six months ago, 12 months ago The signatures are very, very well settled and will only get better over time.

“If they can make good money in the season – if we go back to playing games – and if they can get two very good players again in the summer, it’s a big step.

“I always consider their recovery, there’s still a bit to go on.”

United have been linked with Jadon Sancho ahead of the upcoming transfer window, yet why believe they have defenses in defense.

“Whenever we talk about big clubs, everyone always talks about attacking players,” he said. “I still think they need one or two defenders.

“I’m still not convinced with the center-half, I’m certainly not sure with that [left-back Luke] Sh. I think so [Brandon] Williams has played great as a little kid, even though he’s playing right-handed. “