Management not happy with top superstars; McMahon’s decision on Raines’ situation; Who will challenge Otis as MITB winner? (May 15)

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Retrieved 15 May 2020, 18:22 IST

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Otis and Mandy / Kingdom

After great money in bank PPV, WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown will see fans provide an entertaining version for fans. As Otis wins the MITB deal, it will be interesting to see what the company decides to do with it.

In today’s top backstage rumors we’ll also get to see what Vince McMahon thinks about the ongoing situation with Roman Reigns, the reasons behind the big change in the WWE and much more!

In addition to Roman Raines, who indicated he would not be performing due to the COVID-19 situation, SmackDown superstar and current IC champion Sami Zion has followed in the footsteps of Raines. Let’s find out how WWE feels about his decision:

# 5 The heat behind Sami Zayn for refusing to come back

IC Champion Sami Zion He has reportedly refused to return to the WWE, citing the epidemic as the cause. WWW has given all employees the choice not to work considering the current state of the virus. However, it seems that Zayn’s choice to implement this option did not go well with WWE management:

Here’s what Observer’s Dave Meltzer has here Stated:

Although for obvious reasons no one can say it publicly, there are many unhappy that Zion has applied the option they gave them about not wrestling if you don’t want to at the moment.

The WWE has announced that they will hold a tournament on SmackDown for the next Intercontinental Champion title. Sami Zion responded to the announcement by saying that since he had not been defeated, he was still the IC champion.

The way WWE could go with the story was that Zion should have handed over the title to his teammate Cesaro or Shinsuk Nakamura and taken it back after the championship was over.