Manchester City did an admirable job during the COVID-19 lockdown


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 17:12 IST

Manchester City players are taking action“/>
Manchester City players in action

Premier League Club City of Manchester The coronavirus has done more than their part to help society during the ongoing lockdown in the epidemic. Football clubs all over Europe and beyond have used this time in a productive way to help needy people in such trying situations.

Citizens, the Premier League and one of the most financially well-off clubs in the world, has done a commendable job during this time. They have worked closely with the National Health Service (NHS).NHS) As well as Manchester City Council to help the city of Manchester address the challenges of the ongoing lockdown.

Manchester City, for example, are top of the Premier League club

Etihad Campus has been modified as required by NHS“/>
The Etihad campus has been changed as per the requirements of NTS

A statement from Manchester City’s official website said the club had contributed 1,000 coronavirus tests a day to a drive-through center. The prestigious Etihad campus has been changed to suit the needs of the current situation and to assist the necessary staff in Manchester.

A “click and collect” zone has been opened on campus to provide vulnerable shoppers with instant access to the supplies they need. The campus also has a “rest, relaxation and practice” area allocated for social and essential staff.

The Manchester City headquarters has been opened for the training of 350 nurses working at the city hospital. The state-of-the-art Etihad campus was used to run all such activities during the lockdown.

In addition to the NHS and social workers, the Premier League side has also taken steps to help other Manchester citizens. The club’s star players were reportedly calling regular fans to check in.

According to the statement, the club has provided food bank grants, home care flowers, ason tu cardholders who find themselves isolated, gift packages for fans over 70 years Additionally Additionally, players have given their voices in community outreach – to encourage people to stay at home Star players with Greater Manchester Police Drive

Other notable contributions from Manchester City’s charity – The City in the Community – include more than 100 bottled households, 3,000 books for local community groups, 2,000 Easter eggs for young caregivers, and suspended fixtures already donated to various food banks.

The changes to the Etihad campus will be in place for a minimum of three months, but the club added that they are more than happy to allow the NHS to continue to use the premises, even if the Premier League does not resume in mid-June.

The club's state-of-the-art campus has greatly assisted the NHS and social workers“/>
The club’s state-of-the-art campus has helped the NHS and social workers immensely

Talking about the crisis and how Manchester City has responded, Omar Berda, the club’s chief operating officer, said:

“As a club, we are acutely aware of the role we can and should play in supporting our city every day, and in times of crisis.”

“Now after several weeks of consulting and working closely with our friends and partners from across the city, we are proud to be able to play even a small role in the larger community effort, once again showing Manchester’s consciousness, its resilience and its strength and power. I feel. Togetherness. “

Bereda stressed that they are fully committed to recovering the city from this crisis and supporting the NHS. He continued,

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to support Manchester in this crisis and beyond in the coming weeks, with our confidence that our city will become stronger than ever.”

On top of that, Manchester City and associate Premier League clubs Manchester United Tracel Trust has given a 100,000 grant to the Foodbank Group.

The project resumption of the Premier League, targeting the English top-flight back in mid-June, has begun to gather momentum with league officials.

Regardless of the league’s results, Manchester City have really taken action in times of need to help Manchester community emerge stronger from this crisis.