Mandy Rose confirms that she created a different angle of romance before the Otis story


Revised 17 May 2020, 18:13 IST

Otis and Mandy Rose“/>
Otis and Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose He has confirmed that he created a lesbian storyline during their time with Sonya Devil WWE’s Nxt.

Partners of the former Fire and Desire tag team parted ways shortly before WrestleMania 336 after Devil Rose’s Valentine’s Day date was revealed after Devil’s sabotage. Otis.

It seemed that the twist of the story could lead to a potential romance among best friends. However, Rose began an on-screen relationship with Otis when Devil formed an alliance with Dolph Ziggler.

Storybook by Mandy Rose and Sanya Devil

I’m talking Alex McCarthy of TalkSports, Mandy Rose says she originally wanted to be involved in a romance angle with Sonya DeVille being part of the NXT roast.

WWE decision-makers decided not to put the idea forward at the time – Rose and Devil participated in the NXT in 2011-201-201 – but they decided to book a lesbian storyline in December 2019 between Lana and Liv Morgan.

“Yes [the lesbian angle] Apparently there was an idea that we created ourselves – it was actually something we thought about a few days ago on our NXT day. But, you know, things happen. Some changes. It may be appropriate for other people, whatever it is.

“It simply came to our notice then [with Otis] Most of you will agree, it’s true, so that’s exactly what happens with these things. “

From the 01:00 episode of the video above you can discuss the ‘Money in the Bank Joy’ by Sportaida Tom Kalhu and Corey Gunz Otis and his story Mandy Rose.

What’s next for Mandy Rose?

As Mandy Rose has hinted, her current story record with Otis, Sonia Devil, and Dolph Ziggler has proven very popular with WWE viewers over the past few weeks.

Next week’s SmackDown episode will feature a tag team match between four superstars, with Rose and Otis playing alongside Devil and Ziggler.