Maria Canelis exposes her dream opponent


Modified April 21, 2020, 06:21 IST

We all want to see this dream match

Last Wednesday, Mike And Maria Canelis Bonnet There were two of the unfortunate superstars that WWE released. It was a tough day for dozens of performers, backstage hands and writers.

Mike and Maria, of course, put everything ahead. The couple spent the last week connecting with their fans around the world, answering questions and posting more pictures of their families.

When addressing unlimited questions on social media, Maria was asked who would be her dream opponent, followed by the #AnnualWester hashtag. The sixteen year old gave a pretty straightforward answer and one that caught the attention of the wrestling world.

Maria Canelis says Paige is the opponent of her dream

Sadly, a few years ago, Anti-Diva was forced to retire after a fatal wound to the neck. Still, that didn’t stop fans from around the world expecting to return to the ring one day. After all, coming back from a career-ending injury with legends like Edge and Daniel Bryan, is anything possible, right?

Though paige With his retirement firmly in place, Maria Canelis Bennett shut down any rumor that he was considered an ideal dream match. Paige actually retweeted a clip where Maria said the same thing, suggesting that it is possible to get off the line one day?

If that were possible, it would certainly be a showdown that will catch the attention of wrestling fans around the world.