Martick is ready for a busy schedule but fears the season may end

  • World No. 15 Petra Martick knows he won’t be able to play again this year, but hopes to have two majors in September.


Changed 10 Apr 2020, 05:14 IST

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Petra Martick is ranked 15th in the world

Petra Martick will enjoy two Grand Slam opportunities in September but fears the Coronavirus may end the 2020 season.

WTA and ATP tours have been postponed until July 13 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Wimbledon calling the program for the first time since 1945.

The organizers of the French Open have announced that the Clay-Court Major will be returned on September 23, one week after the US Open finishes.

Martick, who is currently in lockdown in Miami, is far from the norm to feature two Grand Slam in quick succession, but there will be no more tennis this year as an option as the world No.1 will take on the challenge.

The Croatians told the figures to perform: “This is going to be a very unusual situation [playing the French Open so soon after Flushing Meadows] But as we all know, because of too many tournaments, the schedule is not going to be right.

“Everything will be complicated, we will fly a lot, change surfaces and time zones. Things may not be the norm, but the Grand Slam is what we play and if we get a chance to play two this year, it will be great.

“Everyone is apprehensive that the season may be over, they are trying their best to put together a possible schedule but we need to see if anything can happen.

“If the situation in the world gets better and we are able to play, I would definitely prefer to play two [majors]. “

Martick, who has been training every day since coming to Florida, admits he can’t do any planning in such an unforeseen situation.

The 25-year-old added: “I’ve been to Europe for the better part of the year, playing on the ground is always fun and I really enjoy it but it came out so suddenly, it’s a weird situation.

“When you stop it usually hurts for some reason because this wait is not fun, but this is it.

“I can do what I need to do, it just doesn’t know how to plan and how to work hard, it’s hard to plan anything right now.”

Published April 10, 2020, 05:14 IST

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