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Retrieved 03 May 2020, 21:49 IST

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Maxtern (L)

Maxtern is one of the most popular PUBG mobile YouTube casters in the country and he has charted an unparalleled ward upward trajectory over the past few years. With more than 720K subscribers on YouTube, 200K + followers on Instagram and more than 320K followers on Tick Talk, the 22-year-old has been providing inspiration and entertainment on an equal scale.

In addition to being a caster Maxtern Tick ​​Talk, a popular app that has recently become incredibly popular, also likes to entertain its fan base. He likes to engage the audience by posting videos under the entertainment department and garnering thousands of views on each of his videos.

So, I, Maxtron, would like to reveal some of my trade secrets and let the world know how you can make your videos viral and attract countless viewers.

3 Tok Hacks Maxtern uses his videos to go viral

Tic Tac Toe is a great social media platform if we use it properly. It is best for short videos and can help make users extremely popular. However, for this to happen, the content must be of extremely high quality.

Most people think that Tik Tok only promotes dancers like Lip Sync artist or Beauty Khan but it is not so. The platform promotes videos that capture a good audience.

Tic Tac Toe has 2 types of content.

1. Videos that are less than 15 seconds long.

Video longer than 2: 15-60 seconds

One of the best ways to make your video viral is to use it first. On the other hand, videos longer than 15 seconds can only go viral if the average viewing time is more than 90%, but this is harder to find in the case of longer videos, so most top tick talk users prefer to create short videos.

How to make a video viral?

It depends on various factors such as the content, the quality of the content or how much content the viewer can capture in the video.

Step 1: Choose your category: If you have just started using Tic Tac Toe and have decided to sync Riaz Ali’s rival Leap, which has 36M + followers, your efforts will probably not be very effective. Leap Sync has a lot of competition to establish a viewer base through new users. You should choose your own emotions as I did PUBG. I created a base audience by placing videos on PUBG. Now, if I do a good lip sync, my video will be seen because I have already created an image.

Once you get a base audience, try creating videos according to your audience. For example, if you build your audience by uploading technical videos, you won’t get views if you suddenly upload history lectures.

Step 2: Focus on trends: Regardless of the quality of your content, your videos will go viral following the current trending stuff.

Step 3: Create a professional account: If you create a professional account on Tick Talk, you can see statistics and other valuable data that will help you increase the number of viewers and make your videos viral. .

Step 4: Upload time: Most people say that upload time is more important than tick talk but I believe that quality matters more than upload time. For example, if I upload a video at 2am, I get only 1000 views by 6am. However, if those viewers watch the video for a sufficient period of time, it will begin to reflect on the pages of visitors arriving online at a later stage.

Step 5: Get your own hashtag: Try creating your own unique hashtag such as # your name ame

Many use hashtags like #DettelHandwashChallenge in their gaming videos. 1-3 hashtags are enough to make a video viral. For example, if your video is related to PUBG Mobile and your name is Maxturn, use only #maxturn, #pubmobile, #pubmobildia, etc.