McCarron is reminiscent of Surrey’s great ampoli test – and how it helped him adapt to Ronaldo


Retrieved 24 April 2020, 00:12 IST

Maurizio Row and Massimo Macaron - Cropped“/>
Maurizio Sari and Massimo Macaron greet each other in 2017

Massimo Macaron is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Italians know that they share a common bond: both have tested the strategic mastery of the Maurizio row.

Before coaching Napoli, Chelsea and now Juventus, Emporio’s favorite Macaron played for the Tuscan club during Surrey’s three-year hiatus, which began in 2012.

The veteran boss Sari only rose to fame in the early fifties, just as Ronaldo is now at Juve, just as McCarron was one of the key figures in his Ampoli team.

And 611-year-old Sari Gonzalo Higuain and Paolo Diabala, as well as superstar Ronaldo, have made plans to fit in a three-member Juve attack, at a time when McCarron’s involvement has happened.

Once he solved this puzzle, Empoli and Row went from strength to strength.

“The strikers at Empoli were me and [Ciccio] Tavano, however, he started with just one forward, ”Macaron told Stacks Performer.

“So, letting both of us play – we were still young at 33 as we were still playing at 40, but we weren’t that young yet – he adapted himself to his talent.

“It’s only when a director proves to be smart that we start getting points from the time he changed the formation.

“Now he says, ‘I’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo who will score at least one goal in every game, so I have to adapt my style to him.’

To many followers of Italian football, McCarron is a cult hero, returning from a spell in England to score regularly with Middlesbrough, mainly for Ciana and Empoli.

Still playing for the Serie C team at the age of forty, he has fond memories.

Last month, 41-year-old McCarron and Tavano took their Ampoli partnership to Carrara, where the experienced pair are teammates again.

Sari knew they were a strong partnership, which is why she spread her solo-striker policy at Empoli.

This flexibility was rewarded in the 2013-14 campaign when Ampoli was promoted to Serie A and a year later Sari was moving to his home city club Napoli.

Looking back at Sari’s Empoli kingdom, McCarron said: “Things didn’t work out well in the beginning, but that’s where his style was born. I think he’s one of my best directors.

“He’s given you a lot of inspiration and a good speaker. The pitch you’ve got you already know where, when and when you get the ball, but of course you have to add your spin.

“I like the way I play row soccer. When needed, he refers to himself. He often gets angry because he wants everything to be perfect.”