Meditate, Sleep, Read, Repeat – PSG Boss Tushel’s Lockdown Routine


Changed 18 Apr 2020, 23:40 IST

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Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel

Paris Saint-Germain head coach Thomas Tuchel is using a long break in football to enjoy some reading and meditation.

The touchline came to an end four weeks ago after Peachie lost his first club Borussia Dortmund 2-0 to reach the Champions League quarter-finals.

That game at the Park des Princes took place behind closed doors as a precaution against Cavid-1, and the epidemic soon brought down the shutters in soccer worldwide.

“It’s a long break, but we have to be disciplined and respect the situation,” Tuchel told PSG’s official website.

“We have a responsibility. I try to be present, staying calm and meditating is a big challenge now. I’m sleeping and reading a lot. I’m taking advantage of some down-time.”

Referring to the Dushmund match and clash with Marseille and Saint-Etienne, Tuchel is also watching the PSG games re-runs, though he knows that this is not the best time to develop new tactical theory in his squad.

“We talk a lot to each other, to the staff, we prepare individual programs for the players,” he explains.

“I message the players with their program and I get their news, but not too much. I let them have some.

“We never know what is difficult when [the lockdown] Finish. When we knew it was going to end, we could start talking about tactics, attitudes … but right now, no one knows when it will end. “

Tuchel added: “There is something more important than football. We certainly want to stay healthy in Europe and around the world.

“I hope we can start playing again to distract all the people who have to stay home, sometimes in difficult situations for those who fear for their families. Football is a good escape.

“We need to stay strong and not lose faith or smile, keep calm. It’s not easy, but it is possible.”