Michael Bisping reveals Alistair O’Brien inspired Walt Harris to enter MMA


Retrieved 19 May 2020, 23:48 IST

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Michael Bisping

The former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping UFC heavyweight Alistair O’Brien was the man who actually inspired his recent rival “The Big Ticket” Walt Harris Take up fighting as a profession.

In its latest episode Believe me In a podcast with co-host Louis J. Gomez, Michael Bisping discusses Overrim’s huge win over Harris in the main event of the UFC at ESPN 8 in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday night.

In the fight, Harris took the lead early in the exchange, putting Ovarim almost asleep at the end of the first round. However, Rim soon took possession in the second half and landed a bad head kick that was the last start for Harris.

Michael Bisping reveals what inspired Walt Harris to go to MMA

Later during the podcast, Bishop Professional shed some light on Harris’ journey into the world of MMA and to everyone’s surprise, the count revealed that Harris was overwhelmed by his acceptance of MMA as his career.

“He thought he was going to be a professional basketball player. He got a scholarship to college and he went crazy. “That’s it, I’m going to the league,” he said. Mixed martial arts came and it saved his life. When he decided he was going to do mixed martial arts, he was looking at glory and he was looking at Olivier Alistair and he went to his mother and said ‘Hey mom’ and she showed him the tape and said this is what I’m going to do, this is what I want to compete. I’m going. “