Mike Tyson Connor praises McGregor’s boxing skills; The Irishman vowed to avenge the loss against Floyd Mayweather


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 00:25 IST

Mike Tyson and Connor McGregor“/>
Mike Tyson and Connor McGregor

Former undisputed heavyweight champion and youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title, Mike Tyson MMA has recently made headlines due to the release of his training footage with coach Rafael Cordero.

The footage that shows the 53-year-old clockwise with impressive footwork and destructive strike skills has even garnered a multi-million dollar offer to sign Tyson out with Nakal FC.

All praise for Tyson McGregor

Talking about it Hotboxin ’with Mike Tyson podcast, The former heavyweight champion praised the UFC poster boy Connor McGregor. UFC heavyweight Francis Nagnau appeared as a guest on the podcast, and while discussing boxing vs. MMA crossover matchups, Tyson said that crossover matchups should not be taken as a mere show, as a certain Irishman (McGregor) also proved in the boxing that stood ten rounds against Floyd. Mixed beat Even inside the square circle shawl business refers to the artists.

“Listen, (it was a spectacle) but it doesn’t matter where it is – it’s a spectacle but it’s not where it is: he’s never really had a boxing match in his life, has he? Went to Round 10 with the best fighter of all time in boxing. Floyd should take it easy, (but) he had to sweat, he had to fight with it. Echila. Had to fight with someone who is sending him back. “

Southpo thanked Tyson on Twitter for his kind words and promised to avenge his loss against Meyder. If ever there was a rematch between Mehder and McGregor, who knows we might even see the “Iron Mike” standing in the “infamous Windows” corner.