Milan needs a good boss, and it doesn’t matter if he’s not Italian


Changed 03 May 2020, 04:16 IST

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Carlo Anlotti and Ralph Rangnik

Former Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti says Rossoni’s supporters should not worry about foreign coaches coming in amid speculation surrounding Ralph Fernandez.

Experienced coach Rangnik is part of the Red Bull GmbH team and the group that owns the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig.

The 611-year-old German is strongly involved in switching to Milan, where he is currently a joint sports director and coach, possibly trained by Stefano Pioli.

Before the suspension of the Serie A season, Rossonari faced a campaign of frustration and the coronavirus epidemic took seventh place, shutting down league activities.

While in charge of San Siro in 2009-09, Angelotti led Milan to two Champions League victories and a Serie Series title.

Now the manager of Everton, Angelo sees no reason for the next Milan coach not to come from outside Italy.

“Is he a foreigner? There’s nothing to worry about. Fans should be worried about weak managers. But Milan have chosen a lot of coaches and a lot of good people,” Anislotti said in an Instagram live conversation with journalist and presenter Carlo Pellegatti.

“We met when I was in Germany. I don’t know him, he fell in love with what I read. [Arrigo] Sachchi’s reunion, but I don’t know the method.

In an extensive interview, Ancelotti Zlatan Ibrahimovic – the player he coached in Paris Saint-Germain – also praised the impact he has had since returning to San Siro.

“I’m not surprised he’s still playing. I still don’t know how long he’ll be playing,” said Ankloty Ibrahimovic.

“I like his character very much. He was always attentive to the needs of the team. It’s always very important for the coach.”