More drama has been created as Hype accuses Dafran of harassment


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 12:37 IST

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Over the years, the competitive scenes of the Esports have created some of the most messy dramas you could ever see. Lately, this has happened in the latest tactical first person shooter of the Riot Games Valorant, Which is a game that is still in beta.

Overwatch League supporters, Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca gets life ban from all future solar tournaments Due to a toxic explosion

What at first seemed to be the wrong definition of redefining is quickly eroded into something more ugly. Dafran tweeted objections to the tournament organizer and his semifinal opponent – the hypehype.

However, Daphne was not the only one who was toxic about the situation. His fan community has also taken the issue of tweets to contempt and harassed Damien ‘Hype’ Souville himself.

Duffran responded by calling for harassment at the HyperValerant tournament:

Hype took to Twitter after the incident and wrote:

“I’ve already been trash-talked about in my career. For each player, this is part of the game. But this kind of behavior is in the live stream … encouraging his community to trash the conversation of the opposing team on social media. It has nothing to do with harassment and sports. “

The situation worsens before it is finally settled.

After his permanent ban, Duffran found himself playing one Valorant Competitive mode with 16-year-old Evan ‘DRG’ Depot for Solar. After getting involved in a toxic twitch chat, Daphne deliberately threw the match at the Valerant Tournament.

However, Duffran soon realized that he had gone too far with his attack and apologized to the DRG after requesting the 1 DR-year-old ex to “please stop”. Daphne agreed to the teenager’s request.

The chaotic situation of the Valerant Tournament finally came to an end when the two teams Prodigy and Team Hypehype rescheduled their semifinal match, provided that Daphne Prodigy would not be part of the line-up.