Mourinho welcomes boss touch between ‘understanding’ and ‘warm’ – Moreis Kane rumors


06 May 2020, 11:30 IST changed

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho

“Understanding” and “warm”. Touch used these words to praise Mourinho’s former assistant Jose Morais Tottenham boss amid doubts about Harry Kane’s future in touch.

Tottenham and England star Kane have been linked with a move recently, saying he would consider leaving the Premier League club if he did not feel they were making “progress”.

Despite not being able to win Tottenham’s big trophy despite being memorable in the Champions League final last season, Manchester United have made their debut as targets like Juventus and Real Madrid.

Kane’s future headline is Moreis – who has worked as an assistant coach under Mourinho at Inter, Real Madrid and Chelsea – insisting he will support the Portuguese coach.

Who “His focus is not on rumors, he is on his team,” Morris Status, head coach of league champions Joynbook Motors, told Performer. “Rumors will always be there and he can also joke about rumors. But he will make sure he contributes to the concern about how his team can perform and how the player can contribute to the goal.” Is not affected by.

“Perhaps he will have contact with the player that will keep the player focused on the job while he is there. That’s how he works. He understands and is a warm coach. He understands that every person in every moment of life must know what Harry wants for his future.” And he will be as helpful as he can in achieving what he wants.

“Every Mourinho-trained player who has left the club has to say that he is a special coach. He never lets any player down. He’s honest in his feelings. It’s a great quality. What a wonderful way to screw people over. He’s the one. He also knows that he is a coach for understanding the reality of every person.

Morris, who was part of Mourinho’s staff as Inter, won a memorable Serie A, Champions League and Coppa Italia in 2009-10 before following his compatriots in Madrid and Chelsea in 2009-10, adding: “It’s great for me to work with someone like him. I have his skills and qualities that are special to me. Leadership and management, he is an example for any other director.

“It’s great to have an impact on the players, to make them champions. He does it in a very special, simple way. He has a lot of knowledge about his character, his charisma, how to coach different types of players. He has to build a strong team. And able to create a winning mindset. This makes the manager special. “

Mourinho was hired by Tottenham in November, replacing Mauricio Pochettino at the North London club after a tough start to the 1992-201 season, as the coronavirus has been suspended due to epidemics.

Dismissed by United in December 2018, Mourinho has come under fire in recent seasons – his brand of football and the lack of big silverware raises high-level questions about his future.

Tottenham were strongly knocked out of the Champions League by Arab Leipzig in the last 16 in March and Sports are eighth in the Premier League with an injury list.

“People have feelings about what they’re seeing and they comment,” Moreis said. “It’s his way of winning football. He knows a lot about football. He felt a lot of situations that he could create a football that suits the needs of the club and the team at a given moment. If the team is able to play he really wants football, I think. People will be satisfied with this football. At some point, the important thing for him is to be realistic and win the game. No.

“He was always the one who wanted the players to be positive. He always gave them a free role to make decisions and to be creative. He also thinks that whatever you are doing in this game, the only purpose is to have this responsibility. This is why he is one of the most successful coaches in the world. He wins games and competitions. If a coach for the era, he was a coach with the difficult hard to compare with it because she won “

Morris won the La Liga title, the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa de Espaa with Mourinho Mourinho before the pair moved to Stamford Bridge in 2013.

Morris, 54, spent a season at Chelsea before taking charge of the Saudi team Al-Shabaab and worked closely with the Blues great Frank Lampard, who coached the London team.

Lampard returned to the bridge at the start of the season and the Chelsea finished fourth and Champions League place behind the former midfielder when he was left behind despite an inconsistent run of form and a transfer ban.

“I always thought he and John Terry were the future directors of England,” Moreis said. “They have quality, charisma and quality. They have an interest in the game that leads them to the management of the club and the players. Frank Lampard is a special person, he has a special heart and feelings not only for the club, but as a man he is a great man. And I’m really glad the great person made him successful

He added: “I know the academy and it’s full of great young players. Some of them went out and Chelsea had no place for them to improve inside the club. But a new generation of players are playing now who have the opportunity and the situation in today’s situation. The existing club is really for using their own products This is a chance to make an impact for it seems to me that we have one or two season champions Chelsea with all these great players, I see. “