Mourinho will justify Pochettino’s dismissal by winning the trophy


Changed 10 May 2020, 02:30 IST

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Jose Mourinho

Gustavo Poet said Jose Mourinho would bring Tottenham to the silver lining and would justify the club’s decision to sack Mauricio Pochettino.

The Portuguese topped Tottenham Hotspur last November, surprising Pochettino’s five-year reign in touch.

Pochettino transformed the club into a top-four regular and reached the 2012 Champions League final, failing to win the trophy.

Payet, who has ended his playing career with the London club, admits it was a controversial call to get rid of Pochettino, but he is confident Mourinho – one of the best-equipped directors in history – will succeed.

“It’s difficult to say whether it was right or wrong [to sack Pochettino] Because you don’t know what the board was thinking, ”he told Status Performance.

“From the outside, it looks like, well, they had a spectacular five years with Pochettino, who did an incredible job and the way he played football for that team and the way he kept up the pace and got to the Champions League final. Incredible years with incredible games. .

“But they have decided that by changing this, a director will have to do more [Mourinho] Tottenham fans want to win what they are looking for.

“Now, if it was right or wrong, time will tell. What I say when he does it is that if you give him three years at the club, I will be very surprised if he doesn’t win the trophy.

“Perhaps he’s unlucky and we don’t have the League Cup next year and there will be less of a trophy to go to play, but he knows how to play players for important games.

“Cup competition, that day, it’s completely different. I was lucky to win the trophy at the right time, but always in the cup competition.

“I was part of teams like Chelsea, where we were very good this day. ‘It’s nothing today, not tomorrow.’ And that day, I was lucky enough to be part of the team that won these games. “