Multiple NXT superstars responded to the release of WWE

  • WWE has released a number of superstars and producers.
  • Publications were part of the spending cut.


Changed 16 Apr 2020, 06:22 IST

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Vince McMahon

A lot of cuts were announced by Of the WWE In response to the COVID-19 outbreak as a method of cutting costs last night. In addition to the executives ’pay cuts, WWU has released a number of talents including Gallows and Anderson, Rusev, Leo Roush and Drake Maverick. The company has also released several manufacturers, including Lance Storm and Mike Rotunda.

The WWE has released a number of superstars from it Nxt. One of these released superstars is MJ Jenkins, a former May Young Classic contestant. Jenkin’s reaction to being published on Twitter was heartbreaking. He revealed that Covid-1 had already taken his legal guardian, his Schalke, who had died from the disease and now lost his dream job. Here is what he said:

Covid-1 is devastating for me and my family. My boyfriend The man who was my legal guardian moved to Covid-19.

Today, Covid-1 has taken me out of my dream job. Life seems to be sucking from me thanks to all who arrived. Stay safe and stay strong

WWE also revealed Josiah Williams. Here is what he said on Twitter after his release:

Donna Purazzo also took to Twitter to respond to her release:

Published April 16, 2020, 06:22 IST

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