My favorite player: Ian Hart, the full backer of Leeds and the Republic of Ireland

Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer are the ones most commonly chosen by athletes, these magicians can illuminate it any day.

These sports stars simplify the difficult look, are structured in those high-pressure moments, and the game can see them a second faster than their opponents.

However, some of the players have had a significant impact on me on a personal level. I am a deep admirer of these athletes, love to see them in action, but that pure fascination with a certain person has left me, especially as I get older.

As a soccer fan, Leeds were my favorite team in my first years. When Manchester United won the Premier League title, I was attracted to Leeds by a large number of Irish players depending on their business on Alders Road.

All my friends have sport jerseys in Manchester United, Arsenal or West Ham in the city of Bray, I proudly donated my Leeds shirt, number three behind the blue and yellow with Ian Hart.

I couldn’t close my eyes to the Louth Man, the black-haired running left-back, playing far more exotic than his teammates in trying to survive the game. I was not used to seeing left-foot defenders, especially Irish players at the time.

Like this, I had my first sports idol.

Of course, Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Ronaldo were popular names at that time, most of my players were interested in me. However, as a leftist, my passion always moves to my homeland.

I spent hours hammering a ball against the wall in my estate, thinking I was in a heartbreak. I dreamed of scoring those free-kicks, turning that inch into perfect angles and dropping passes like a razor razor with my left pug. He had a sensation for me.

He wore size 6.৫ boots, two sizes too small, but the stiff boots threatened him with throwing arrows at the right pass and shooting him right. Unfortunately, I never tried that technique while maintaining my own traditional sized 11s.

At that time, the Leeds squad under David O’Leary was a favorite, with David Batty, Rio Ferdinand, Mark Biduca, Harry Kewell, Alan Smith as the Irish forces Gary Kelly, Robbie Keane, Stephen McPhail, Alan Mabry and Hart.

Yet as a youngster, the 2000/01 Champions League season is a long-lasting memory for me, exactly when I started playing with my local club Ardmore Rovers.

They lost to Barcelona 4-1 in the group stage, a 3-0 win over AC Milan and a back-to-back draw with Barcelona and Milan. I stayed up all night, dreaming of a knockout episode.

In the quarterfinals, a 3-1 victory over Deportivo La Coruna came to an end, with Hart’s endless free-kick scoring opening. It was like a dream A roller coaster ride and my guy on top of it.

The Whites fell to Valencia in the semifinals, but Hart was at the center of their narrative, scoring four goals during a glittering campaign.

As part of my local team, I was fortunate enough to watch Leeds play in the 2001/02 season against Aston Villa. The first time I saw Hart in the flesh. Even my match program was signed by Robbie Kane before the game.

When you’re young, it’s easy for a player to capture your imagination. On the training field time was spent trying to emulate their playing style. You always believe deeply that you can be just as good as your idol. It may not be as unrealistic as it sounds.

At the same time, my passion for Leeds and Heart was strong on the Ireland international front.

During our successful run in the 2012 World Cup qualifier, Hart suffered a penalty against Cyprus and Andorra, before hitting a crucial spot kick against Iran in the play-offs. A place in Saipan was protected.

I remember watching the elementary school at that time, and the whole country was buzzing. It looked like the country was stopping during the World Cup. Getting to the end-16 was a big achievement.

As a young person, you have just assumed that you will see many special days in your lifetime. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to attend a World Cup since that special promotion in 2002.

Over the years, Hart left Leeds after retiring at 20. He spent three years with Levante, played for Sunderland under Roy Kane and joined Carlisle, Blackpool and Reading before ending his career at Bournemouth.

His teammates were voted left-back in the Premier League in 1/4, a decade later they received the same accolade in League One, as well as a back-to-back award at the Championship.

All these years I’ve often been thinking about hitting the ball in the garden in those days and the happiness I felt. It seemed like those days were lasting forever. Playing with the Heart on the back of my Leeds shirt, I thought I was on Aland Road, not Briar Ardmore Park.

Life can pass quickly, the years become one, but memories always remain.

At present, talented players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne and Lionel Messi have all caught my eye. Unique stars who are delighted to see them every weekend.

As with any sport, we will always have different players players During those particular times when Ireland and Leeds succeeded and I myself was a leftist, Hart was a player that made a huge impact on me.

As for my love of Leeds, it has been a ferocious patch in recent years, and my enthusiasm for football has grown and flowed, yet, it will be fantastic to see them again in the Premier League next season under Marcelo Billessa.

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