NBA players need more than two weeks before returning, Paul says


Retrieved 23 April 2020, 06:28 IST

Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul

Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul says players ready to play NBA games in the coronavirus epidemic need more than two weeks.

The NBA has been suspended since March 11 due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has killed at least 184,100 people worldwide.

It appears that the 2012-201 season will begin again as the United States struggles to contain the outbreak after more than 7,000 confirmed deaths and more than 477,000 deaths in the country.

Although the NBA is committed to continuing the campaign, Commissioner Adam Silver said there is still no timetable for a possible resumption.

Regarding the situation, 10-time All-Star Paul told reporters at a conference call on Wednesday: “I’m just informing you – and I don’t think the league will do it anyway – but if they had liked, ‘Hey, you’ve got two weeks, and Then we go, ‘It won’t happen.

“It’s not happening. Whatever the amount of time, just know that the players will have input, needless to say, because that’s who we’re playing. It comes first guys. We never want to put boys inside situations where their risk of injury is higher than before.”

Paul, 34, added: “I’ve got a lot of speculation about what we’re getting right now, but I don’t know.

“It’s like having 450 players in the league and being in a situation where some people have access to the weight room, some people don’t.

“Some guys have access to opportunities where they can train or do this or that. That’s why, no matter what happens – and I say that, and I mean that – we always go back to the players.”

“We just want to play,” Paul added. “We’re just trying to see what we see. Right now, I’m just playing, playing in some form or fashion.”

“It’s a situation where no one knows. The virus is actually under complete control. I’ve tried very hard to answer it as much as possible, but there are some things that can’t be answered and I just don’t say you.”