New agents and maps published


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 11:39 IST


Taken from: Looper

Recently Blog post, Takes time to talk about all the occupants from the riot games Valorant Make beta friends. They go into great detail about the official launch of the game June 22020, and even take a dive into how they will launch Auto-ban system Once Valerant has worldwide access.

The riot blog post ends with a picture that shows-off a little more than the ten agents available at the moment.

taken From: Riot Games “/>
Taken from: Riot Games

Right next to the image of the sage we see an empty slot (which was not there before) where the shoes are visible. The shoe is seen to be black in color, with slight heels and bronze (or gold) highlights with a slight purple overall effect.

Valuable fans around the world are going crazy over this tiny detail and many of them are speculating that this new agent will be named ‘Sabine’.

This speculation comes directly from some players who said that when inside the game some agents like Sova have a voice line that leads to a character named Sabine. The voice lines are rather detailed, and from them we can also determine that this Sabine may have the ability to steal life like a vampire.

A new valuable map

taken From: Riot Games “/>
Taken from: Riot Games

In addition to the release of this small agent, the riot CGI trailer looks like a new map, although many may think that the only focus of the CGI trailer is to reveal the official release date of Valerant, which is more than eye-catching.

In the trailer we see Jet and Phoenix using their skills on a map that clearly has a Venetian theme to it. There’s been some speculation that this new map will be called Ascent (which came back in early April) and it features a new game mode.

However, not much has been revealed about the new mode, and we don’t think we’ll get much information before the game is finally released.