Next Generation – Arabic Leipzig Star Diet Submakean to Attract Interest from Europe’s Elite

  • Diot Subamecano has gained strong links with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Here is the down side of Arabic Leipzig center-back


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Arabic Leipzig Defender Diet Submakeano

‘Next Generation’ is a series focused on young players, suggesting that they establish themselves as elites in the 2020s.

For Valenciennes, a player who has had to speculate about his future since drawing attention as a 16-year-old, it would not be surprising for Davuto দায়lu to join Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

“Although I know there are clubs that want me – that’s for sure – I’m putting my foot on the ground,” he told Foot Markatto last month. “We will discuss my future with my agent and my family at the end of the season.”

Submachine has the habit of picking the right one, making a name for himself in the Bundesliga and starring on the stage of the biggest club in the Champions League.

With the option of picking one of Europe’s top teams as well as expanding its position on its current side, Submecano faces a major decision at the end of the campaign when it enters the final year of its Leipzig deal.

Using the data supplied by Opter, we investigate why the French are showing so much interest across the continent and see their next potential career move.

This is the story so far

Upamecano had been to Salzburg at 25 and soon got a taste of first-team football in feeder club lifting, despite interest from Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal at the time.

Given the links between the clubs, it was a little surprising when the center-back opted for Leipzig in January 2017, with 12 Bundesliga appearances remaining in the remainder of the season, quickly adapting to a new country and a new league.

Submachineo’s performances over the next year saw him nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the 27th, won by then-Azak defender Mathews de Ligt, but his game went to another level under the leadership of Julian Nagelsman.

One of the mainstays behind the Avrax-bred defender, during the current campaign, has made 20 appearances in all competitions, closed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Leanderzig has the joint-best defensive record in the Bundesliga in the post, with leaders participating in their six clean sheets alongside Bayern, creating the most obstacles and rebounds for the team.

Speed, power, passing and positioning

The Bundesliga submake has achieved a short pass rate of 12.25 percent – an impressive figure – but it has separated him from other elite players in the division due to his long passing.

Of the 199 long passes he tried this season, about 66 percent were successful, compared to 61১ percent for Bayern’s Benjamin Poward, with Borussia Dortmund duo Mats Hummels and Manuel Acanzi and 5 percent, respectively.

As impressive as his power, speed and passing ability may be, the most significant aspect of the Subameno game is his ability to get the opponent to the ball and launch the attack from deep.

He has stuck the ball 35 times this season, five more than Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk – who is widely regarded as the best central defender on the planet.

They certainly play in different leagues, but Upamecano has also shifted his domestic performances to the European stage.

After defeating Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski a couple of weeks ago, arguably the most controversial defender, Submacano once again won a 3–0 win over Tottenham in a great match of Leetzig last month, displaying his every lasting feature.

With Leipzig successfully making Tottenham a place in the quarterfinals, it will now have a larger audience to showcase when the competition will resume.

What have they said and where?

Several current and former stars have garnered praise for the 21-year-old, with team-mate Timo Warner likening him to Jerome Boateng, a player many youngsters will play for a long time.

Speaking this week, German football legend Lothar Mathaus while simultaneously speaking to the young man warned him not to move away.

Mathews told Sky Sport Germany, “He is a young player, highly rated, fast, a good positional sport and used his body well for the age of 21 but could not hit Leipzig for a year or two,” Mathews told Sky Sport Germany. Said.

“I still see one or two percent where he can learn, but he’s a huge player and that’s why I’m not surprised that Europe’s top clubs are after him.”

Given that a large portion of his play centers around Leipzig would be favorable to a party that arguably could move the ball fast, his defensive prowess and dribbling ability meant he would not be far from a club.

If the rumors are to be believed and Bayern is weighing a last-season move to subjugate, the chance of a player resigning to control his own fate may be huge.

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