Next Generation – Isaac frees Dortmund as soon as he is proven wrong

Alexander Isaac celebrated at the Santiago Bernabeu

‘Next Generation’ is a series focused on young players who are advised to build themselves as elite in the 2020s.

Next April, 2016 can be seen as a symbolic date for Swedish football in the future – Ostersunds started the first Alvesvenskan campaign at home to AI, who started a strike partnership with a combined age of just 35 years.

As the hunting and sinister identity of AC / DC’s 1980 classic ‘Hell’s Bells’ spreads around the Jamcraft Craft Arena, AIK Alexander Isaac – 16 years old – took his first steps into the fiery world of top flight football, often ruthless and brutal. Kingdom.

However, according to Isaac’s description, the nerves weren’t really there and he arrived at his new reality in astonishing comfort, scoring the second goal 2-0, finishing with a first-round lead from the right-wing cross for the first time. AIK K, the youngest league goal scorer in history

By next January, Isaac was fully Swedish international, joining Borussia Dortmund on a 10 million deal, probably as every major club in Europe expected the next Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

However, after more than three years, he is coming here in a relatively fashionable environment for Real Sociedad. One may ask where it went wrong for him, but the evidence suggests that their Dordmund must refrain from their separation.

‘A very determined young man’

Esk played five Bundesliga matches with Dortmund in two years, including a solo start for the club. Although the rise and frequent changes of coaches at the club have not helped, the talent that Real Madrid had before, especially when he joined William II on behalf of Eredivisie, was surprised to learn that in January 2011.

However, Sweden coach Jenne Anderson and the man who made Isaac’s debut in international cricket have revealed the striker’s mentality – he was not letting these fights in Dortmund define him.

Speaking to Status Performer, Anderson said: “He has a unique talent but he works very hard and is a very determined young man.

“We need to keep in mind that Alexander is still a young player and I am hopeful that he can improve in many ways, and knowing Alexander I am sure he will continue to improve.”

It was a move that revived the teenager’s career, as he scored 13 goals in 1 league match, including 12 in his first 12 outings. Romario, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Luis Suarez – none of them have managed to do so in their formative years at Eradivici.

Although Dortmund have failed to see this form as a reason to hold him, their loss is La Real’s advantage – the Spanish side have won him a deal that would cost them a maximum of 5 7.5 million.

Black (and yellow) on the back? Don’t believe it

Saying that the purchase has already become a success will be reduced. In 34 games across all competitions, Isaac’s 14 were evenly divided into La Liga – fourth in La Real – and the Copa del Rey, a competition Basque reached the final.

His seven-goal streak in La Liga may not lead to disbelief, but it is a tough record for the only nine who have made a name for themselves. Highlights faith.

Coincidentally, it was against the club that he tried so hard to sign him – Madrid – that he made his most destructive performance for La Rio in February. While a young player’s expectations on this display may be a bit of a waste, he has thwarted the defense of Los Blancos at the Santiago Bernabeu.

An acrobatic strike began early in the second half with a quick bow strike and was preceded by his shot back as opener for Martin Odegard and later a great assist in La Real’s fourth. 4-3 wins.

Dortmund were able to hold a buy-back clause when Isaac was sold – but they should not expect to agree to a return. “All I can say is that Dortmund is in my past and not in my future,” he told Sportblad earlier this year.

Zlatan stops comparing

Despite his height, Chaitanya, a Swedish striker and blessed by wonderful technology, it’s easy to see how he was tagged as the ‘next Zlatan’, but in reality these are different.

Isaac Ibrahimovic is much more likely to risk expanding or retreating defensively than he did, although their personalities may not be much different – evidence of the former’s unwavering “no comment” on the 2016-2016 comparison question is rather more preserved in nature. Interview with the cafe.

Of course, the pitch has a long way to go to reach the level of Isaac Ibrahimovic, but his first appearance in La Liga was positive. With seven goals and 1,0555 minutes of activity in one, he averages more goals per 132 minutes than in 13 games.

His conversion rate is 21 percent as well as promising, putting him in the top five of this metric (players with at least seven goals).

Isaac also recorded numerous shots on target (1), given that he was often wide and used from the bench. Lionel Messi (55) is leading the way, but Chimi Abila, who started twice as fast as the Swedish forward – is fifth.

Anderson notes Isaac’s early progress and praises his professionalism while playing – his maturity is already a common source of praise during his new career.

Anderson added, “This kind of young player has a mature way of playing.” “He’s a very intelligent footballer who works like a seasoned specialist on the pitch. He’s improved a lot last season and I hope there’s more to it.”

After releasing the exhausted Ibrahimovic comparison, Isaac is establishing himself as a star in his own right.