Next Generation – Latest ‘New Uncle’, Real-Madrid Eger Gomez is ‘Great Raw Material’

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Sao Paulo midfielder Igor Gomez

‘Next Generation’ is a series focused on young players advising to build themselves as elites in the 2020s.

It’s safe to say that labeled “new uncle” doesn’t always work well for youth products in Sওo Paulo. Just ask Mire, Sergio Mota and Lucas Pyzan.

Oscar, Lucas Pacquiao and Rainier also had to endure comparisons with the winner of the 2007 Ballon d’Or, although it would be unfair to judge whether the billing is still tied later.

This time it is the turn of Brazil’s under-20 international Iger Gums.

Identified as an eight-year-old footballer in Rio Preto, he was registered by Sao Paulo two years later and transferred to their Cotia academy in 2012.

With his light frame from his midfield, incredibly tight control, and a resilient, strong running style, it’s easy to see where Kaka’s comparison came from, even though his pace doesn’t fall exactly the same.

Gomez won six titles during his youth in Sao Paulo, but at first it seemed difficult to move to the U17 level for negotiations.

“I blamed myself, I blamed myself a lot, I was so sad when I made a mistake, I just couldn’t move forward. The games hurt me a lot because I couldn’t develop my football. I had to work on this. “He told Globo Sport.

He showed his character in overcoming this hurdle quickly in 2016, though, before climbing to the U20 and tasting the success of the Copa de Brasil to win the U17 state championship.

The following year, Rosario Seni, the former S সাo Paulo goalkeeper who scored more than 100 goals for the club and failed as head coach in 2017, coached him to the first team.

First group climb

Gomez was a key part of San Paulo’s run for the Copa Sao Paulo final at the start of the 201st – the most prestigious youth tournament in Brazil. The reason for the excitement among Tringola fans was that it was the club’s first appearance on the show during the 2010 trophy featuring Lucas Maura and Casimiro.

Although Copinha ended in a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Flamengo, U-20 coach Andre Jardine was appointed first-team midfielder after Diego Aguero was sacked in November of that year.

Games was one of the few young players to show faith in him, who made his senior debut in November 2013 with a 0-0 draw against Sport Recife.

Jardine was beaten by Vagner Mancini and a double 2-1 Campanato Paulistar in February 2016 against Eto’o in the first leg of the quarter-finals, the first of which was a delightful scissor kick, he said, adding that he could play a key role in the senior set. Up

However, Monsini simply kept the seat warm before Kuka took charge in April, and the time to play under the man who played a key role in the development of Gabriel Jesus in Pammiras was quite difficult.

Gomez opposed Spain’s loan move that agent Wagner Ribeiro introduced Sao Paulo in July and his fortunes did not change until Fernando Diniz arrived in August – in just five months he made just two starts and 12 alternatives. Cuca.

Los Blancos from Tricker?

A few minutes of growth under Deniz led to an increase in his production and soon reports of interest were published from Real Madrid.

The 21-year-old is expected to pay a record fee of 45 45 million for Sao Paulo, whose previous biggest sale was sending Lucas to Paris Saint-Germain in 2013, and he certainly adapted to the latest trends at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Following the loss of Barcelona player Neymar, Madrid president Florentino Perez has scattered cash to keep the big deal from slipping after his departure from Brazil.

Since 2013, more than 100 million has been earmarked to bring teenage boys Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo and Rainier to the Los Blancos Clinic.

What could be the next name of the discipline Gomez? Deniz believes he has the talent and is most likely given a chance to relocate to the precarious financial situation of Sao Paulo.

“It’s hard to stay [at Sao Paulo] Due to its age and quality. The club, and Sao Paulo can’t survive these, almost no one does, they need to sell their players to honor their financial commitment, ”Deniz told Radio Transmerica.

“With the size of the offer, if it reaches a certain moment, the club is bound to sell almost as long as we have the model … We will continue to be the raw material supplier And he is a great raw material.

“Because of the evolution he is experiencing, he is a significant curve player. He plays better and better, he introduces himself to the club and the way the team plays. His improvement was almost instantaneous after my arrival. There is much better than Igor and The obvious trend is to play better.

Deniz opens up the possibility

It’s clear why Deniz thinks so. Of Gomez’s 227 appearances at Campianotto Brasilio in 2012, 15 came just two months after taking over as head coach, and he scored two goals and assisted during that run.

He has the fifth highest pass in the league among the players under the age of 22. His accuracy rate is a respectable 83.7%.

Gums pitch is particularly capable of doing higher damage. An underlying pass and technical skill have his eye on being able to pull a complex throwball.

Sao Paulo team-mates Luan Santos (404) and Anthony (949) – who played 251, and 1,03737 minutes more than him – were the only opponents to pass more than half of last year’s Brasilio under 400.

With his contract set to expire in 2023, his pay rise in March came as no surprise, and Deniz has no doubt that Gomez is destined for big things.

“With his age, it’s always hard for the team to hold him. If I had said what I wanted, he could have stayed as long as possible,” the coach said.

“He is a very rare quality player in Brazilian football, probably worldwide and the way he plays is extremely important.”