Next Generation – Man City’s Cleoworth Aguela’s new symbol for under-explored Peruvian football

Kluberth Aguilar with Man City Scout Carlos Santoro (L) and Recruitment Chief Gary Worthington (R)

‘Next Generation’ is a series focused on young players who are advised to build themselves as elite in the 2020s.

While the white jersey of their red jeans may be iconic in world football, Peru certainly does not consider the common man as a genius.

The Peruvian Primara division is seen as something of a retirement home for former national team players who have been in second-tier leagues such as Liga MX or MLS in Mexico, although exports are not exactly full.

The Peruvian newspaper El Comercio counts only 447 Peruvians who have been able to play abroad, they also believe that these players have highlighted the key issues in the country’s development; There are very few defenders.

For some, the purchase of the 16-year-old right-back Cleverth Aguilar from Manchester City’s Allianza Lima has made buying even more exciting.

The cause of a stir

As Peruvian journalist Diego Montalvan explains the status performance, there has been rapid progress in Aguilar’s maximum development: “When I first became aware of Aguilar, all that was said about the Peruvian kid was South America’s under-best back 17 championships last year.”

However, Agualara caused a stir in youth football even before the tournament was held throughout March and April. He played the tournament – held in Peru – which sparked some controversy over Alianza joining Lima a month ago.

Sporting Crystal was impressed with their local player Regatas and impressed with their players, but Alianaza Aguilar exploited the lack of a formal contract to make them and this led to allegations of dishonesty. It soon became clear why Sporting was so angry.

Although only 15 years old at the time, making him one of the youngest players in the tournament, Aguilar was a standout performer for Peru, who qualified for the second group stage, only to be eliminated from the Under-1 World Cup.

Tall, fast, strong, and technically well-organized, Aguilar’s performances have been particularly low in Alianza.

The team quickly took him to their reserve team and was soon promoted to senior selection, even being named to the team for two Copa Libertadores games.

“Joining the teenager, he has adapted very well since his debut with Allianz, reaching the semifinals and finals of the 2012 season, playing as if he was a regular starter throughout the season,” the teenager added.

Out of the blue?

The signing may raise some eyebrows in England, but Diego remains adamant Alianaza was not surprised to see such a deal so soon. “I don’t think it’s going to be a big surprise for Allianz to move to a bigger club,” he said.

“The Peruvian media has always spoken in a positive light about his potential because he still doesn’t think the positives have surpassed the negativity. The downside is that he is young and still needs to perfect his craft, he also needs to work on his defensive stance.

“I think Dani Alves remembers the way he acted behind an aggressive mind right that combines speed and stamina to overlap and cross, or use space to open up space, to run, to create possibilities and even to shoot.” Although he still has a lot to learn and become proficient in order to reach his level. “

It appears that the transfer to the City has been over for a year. The Premier League champions – according to Zimmer Duarte, Allianz’s head of youth recruitment – were in Peru for the youth tournament and had decided long ago to sign Aguilar.

“It was impressive because there were seas of scouts from all over the world,” Duarte told Libero. “Brazil has its headquarters in Man City and has a director there [Carlos Santoro] Who is all over South America. He came to Lima and told one of their chiefs [Gary Worthington, head of player recruitment], I think Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man, taking a plane to Peru to see a 15-year-old man.

“The scouts are always on the lookout for the entire back of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, but Cleo Worth is given the best back rate in South America and is contacted by his manager. From there he was already there. [gone]. “

According to Peruvian media, Warlington only needed to watch “a few minutes” before approving a move.

Long road

Aguilar’s existence is clearly influenced by football – he and his brother’s names, Diego Armando and Rizcard, all carry the obvious inspiration of their father’s love for the game.

It certainly jumps on Aguilar, who is obviously a great talent for his age, but no matter how talented he may be, the road to becoming City’s first team is likely to be long and arduous, assuming he succeeds – and that’s no guarantee of a 16-year-old. No.

Aguilar will join City at the age of 18. From there, his future becomes a little cloudy as one considers his next steps. Is he expected to improve in stocks? Can he insist on the first team before the 2022-22 season? Or will he just get involved in the City Football Group machine and get stuck around clubs?

This seems to be the best indicator of City’s plans for Aguilar – or ‘cyborg’, as he was known to some of his teammates – Jangel Herrera should be considered, the club pulled the club in 2013 due to relative ambiguity.

Since then, the defense midfielder has spent two seasons on loan with the sister club New York City, a position he spent with Grenada before returning to Spain’s top-flight, where he spent half a year in La Liga with Husqvarna, where he impressed.

Fortunately, Aguilar seems to be switched-on and humble, the mantras away from City are probably telling Allianza club channels: Do it to be able to “”.

The transfer price has plunged into uncertainty, with Allianza insisting they have received significantly less than the ২ 2.8 million fee reported, but with 30 per cent sales, the deal is likely to eventually end up as the largest domestically in Peruvian football history.

No matter how much Aguilar’s career in England grows, one thing is clear; His move is a big boost for Peru, a source of depression in football.