Next Generation – Pirlo compares wide marks for tonality with ’50 year old brain’

  • Sandro Tonali is one of the best midfield prospects in Europe, but he is the way to keep comparing Andrea Pirillo.


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Andrea Pirillo and Sandro Tonali

‘Next Generation’ is a series focused on young players, suggesting that they establish themselves as elites in the 2020s.

It was in the dim environment of Avelino’s Studio Partenio-Adriano Lombardi that the next great hope for Italian football was introduced in professional football in August 2017.

Minutes after Emmanuel Goodbye was let off, the 17-year-old Sandro Tonelli arrived in the midfield to help the suburbs as a second-level substitute.

Brasia jumped out to a 3-0 lead when he came up in the thigh-minute. They lose 2-1 – a “half disaster,” he told it.

Tonali was no longer seen in Brasia’s first squad until January, but since then he has barely relocated and established himself as one of the most talked about teenagers in Europe.

Now an Italian international – first called before playing in Serie A – Tonally looks set to move forward this year, with Brescia returning to Serie B.

After the coronavirus epidemic is cut off, it may be 2020 that makes or breaks this silky midfielder’s chances of reaching the top.

“A 50 year old brain”

Many young players may be interested in speeding up their careers very quickly. That big jump at an elite club is sometimes taken too early and the results can lead to chaos for the rest of the player’s career.

Brescia was a regular at the Tonali 17. After not being promoted to that first season, he stayed and enjoyed the entirety of first-team football in Serie B, establishing himself and building on the team’s winning streak.

The urge to join the big club may have proved to be great for many, but Tonally remains and will have a season of top-level football under his belt, rolling around 2021-220, so he is unlikely to be relegated to a division. May be the right time to take.

Perfectly for adults. It’s a label very much associated with tonality, and that attitude is also visible on the pitch, possesses great awareness and protection – you’ll rarely see petulance.

“The dominant thing, which I didn’t see in other kids, was his manner of acting as an adult: extremely serious, touching, introverted,” he told Sky Italia, one of the times.

Roberto Bosaglia, a coach who made his Tonali debut, was similarly evaluated as a teenager in 2018, telling Radio Low Sport: “He was a man with a personality and a strong-footed boy and, above all, a 50-year-old boy with an 18-year-old body.”

‘Pillow the next’?

Asked about Andrea Pirillo’s comparisons with Tonally last year’s gadget delto Sport has become synonymous with him, he said, “Blame the hair, I should cut it.” “Andrea is accessible like [Steven] Gerard, the most dynamic, or [Luka] Unique mod in style I see inside myself [Gennaro] Gattuso. “

Long-locked, blessed with great tactics, a central midfielder and schooling in Brescia – it is easy to see how the Pirlo comparison began.

However, he is seemingly wise to distance himself from such a national comment. After all, this tag was rarely helped by midfielders before, whether it be Luke Cigarri, Andrea Poli or Manuel Locatelli.

While the comparison is obvious in theory, it is clear how Tonally was different from Pirillo, who was an out-of-play maker and managed almost everything his teams did.

His career will probably end there, but despite what the Romantics want, Tonally has no trouble at the moment.

Pirlo v Tonali

While it is obviously important to remember that the tonality data was collected in a very short period of time, at the same time it helps to highlight how good Pirlo was.

He was the player who scheduled the matches unlike almost any other player on the planet during his career and probably barred Javi.

Between the beginning of 25-1 – when the OPTA record began – and he left Juventus on 25, Pirlo made 5 touches and averaged 75 passes in the Serie A match. This season, Tonally is averaging 60 touches and 39 passes.

The teams played Pirillo in generally dominant possession, where Brasia could not do so – Tonali was usually tasked with assisting his side in the transition and, more directly, the pass counter.

This probably explains why it is only 62 percent of its own half pass accuracy and 68 percent of the opposite half. In comparison, Pirlo’s corresponding figures are significantly better than Tonali’s .3 percent and 12 percent.

Pirlo’s accuracy is even higher than his potential heir (per৪ percent) with the passes ending in the final third (per৪ percent).

But to suggest that Pirlo’s great passing accuracy is not to trick you into the fact that he always played the ball – during the selection period, he averaged 2.5 chances per match, showed that he was determined and skilled. In this regard, Tonali is averaging 2.2 on average per game this season, making him a Serie A ninth-highest prospect.

Diggling is where Tonali will come to the top. He has extraordinary ability with the ball in his feet, during which time he beat his man with a cent percent success. Ismail Benesar (3 percent) – Pirlo’s average was 622 percent – with the average of 35 players trying to improve.

There is no doubt that Tonali is a great prospect and still very young, but this data supports those who he was a significantly different player to Pirlo at the moment. The move to a more advanced team, where his high-quality players receive support, can elevate the tonality to another level and perhaps he will adapt to a more orchestral role. But he would advise, and at Pirlo’s level it would be widely conceivable at this point.

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