NFL, Union Agrees to Virtual Offseason Workout Program

  • NFL teams can keep a virtual offseason workout program from April 23, it has been confirmed.


Changed 14 Apr 2020, 05:36 IST

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While the Coron virus epidemic forced teams to close their offices and training complexes, the NFL and the Players Union agreed that a virtual offseason workout program would be allowed until all 32 teams were allowed to open their facilities.

The three-week virtual offseason begins April 20, and allows teams to hold classroom instruction, workouts and non-football educational programs using online platforms. The teams with the new head coach have options for the fourth week.

Teams cannot begin their virtual program after April 2, and teams will not have to participate in the program that ends May 7.

If teams choose not to participate, they cannot save the virtual weeks they used after opening opportunities

As part of the deal, teams are allowed to track workouts and workout equipment per player and their workouts at a maximum cost of $ 1,500 per player. Each party will be responsible for that expense.

Teams participating in the Virtual Program should pay their players a minimum of 5 235 daily which they received for the experienced team if they were to actually stay in their team’s facilities, while the trimmers would receive a minimum of 5 135 per day.

14 Apr 2020, 05:36 IST Published

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