Nikki Cross responded to Tiki Konti’s praise [Exclusive]


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 06:33 IST

Nikki Cross was much appreciated“/>
The Nikki Cross was much admired

This week on RAW, Nicky Cross There will be a moment of joy before the return wrestling IIconics After the WWE women’s tag team won the championship WrestleMania This year. Not only that, but the effects of the Scottish superstar are still being felt by the geniuses who left the company

Many WWE Superstars were released from the company last month, one of which was NXT Taina Conti. Teinara, now known as Taye Conti, will be appearing to me in an interview that will soon be revealed on the WWW via the Sportseder YouTube channel about the NST’s “storm” before his release and where he’s next fight among other things. Love to do

Nicky Cross “has her heart,” says Te Conti

Speaking of a certain stand, though, Connie told me I had the same accent as the Nikki Cross, which would result in the Brazilian Cross appreciating and calling the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion her “best friend” in wrestling.

Before showing a picture of himself and the Glasgow-born WWE Superstar, Conte revealed the impact of the cross on him, saying Nikki has a heart.

“Okay, I have a number of people I will keep in touch with, but, for example, Nikki has my heart. Nikki has different Raul Mendoza. They are like this … I have no words for them. From day one, Nikki was so helpful and her first TV match like mine happened so she is very special. He always helps me in everything. I am very grateful to Raul for getting him, for always keeping Raul in my house, we are always together. I really like a lot of people, but these two are like my best friends! “

Shortly after I posted the clip on social media, Cross responded that he called Konti a “beautiful man” before training him with “so much fun” and that he “can’t wait” to see what the former NXT superstar will do. . Art!

The answer can be read in full below.

Conti will respond to Nikki Cross’s tweet which you can see below.

Stay tuned for a SportSider interview so with Conti, which will come down to this same website in video form on our YouTube channel, and in written form.

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