No solution to the Premier League season is perfect, Brighton’s CEO has said repeatedly


Modified April 21, 2020, 18:00 IST

Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton and Hove Albion

Paul Barber, CEO of Brighton and Hove Albion, has said there is no right solution to end the Premier League season and that the next promotion campaign cannot be interrupted.

Professional football in the United Kingdom has been suspended indefinitely in the coronavirus epidemic, with no plans on how to end the remaining 2019-20 fixtures.

While the clubs are in talks about how to proceed, Nappy acknowledges that all options are being evaluated, though none of them can prove satisfactory to all parties.

“We have a degree of interest when it comes to our various situations.”

“Liverpool are very keen to play the season because they have a chance to win the Premier League, so it makes perfect sense. Other teams have Champions League or Europa League qualification and we are struggling to fight.

“I was asked, ‘Is it possible for Liverpool to end the season as a champion, without the release of the best two in the Championship?’ I said, “Any idea of ​​a crisis is a good idea”

“Whether this is justified or right, this is a very big and controversial issue. Whatever the problem we have, the end of the season is going to be incomplete.

“We’re either going to end the season behind closed doors, which is incomplete because fans want to be there and we don’t want any artificiality to these games, or we’re going to end the season with a huge delay. Not going to end at all, in this case there must be some kind of clue as to how the season ends.

“Our priority is to try and finish the season when it’s safe to do so. On the day, 600,000 people lost their lives and it doesn’t feel right to pressure them to play football again.”

Nappy pointed to the Premier League’s responsibility to protect the lower league clubs, highlighting the difficulties of changing plans for next season.

He said: “Our priority is to finish the season when it is safe to do so but the second priority is we do not want to be impacted next season, so there will come a point where we have to call.

“Of course you got the euro next season, so the ability to be flexible is limited to a major international competition.

“The problem with things that change next season is of course the income levels of the FA Cup and the EFL Cup because they are the revenue that is later distributed to the rest of the game.

“We want all clubs to survive this crisis and we must remember that every decision we make will have an impact.”

Brighton opened Amex Stadium as a KVID-1 testing center in the NHS, and emphasized giving priority to frontline staff during the crisis.

“Whatever we do not want to do, we have to be completely driven by what the government tells us,” said Nappit.

“At this point, our priority is to protect the public, protect the NHS and its frontline personnel, we must make sure we give them priority, but also make sure that if it’s safe, we can help lift the country back a bit.” . “