Nodwin Gaming adopts the #PlayPartyTozer campaign on behalf of India


Modified April 22, 2020, 17:35 IST

Nodwin Gaming Joins World Health Organization Safety Campaign #PlayPart together with various games to keep young India at home, safe and busy! Leaders of the global gaming industry in interactive entertainment venues, including Riot Games, Twitch, Big Fish Games, YouTube Gaming, and more have joined the #PlayAppertworld worldwide, encouraging people to practice COVID-19’s social distance. Nodwin Gaming is calling on the Indian gaming community to actively participate in global campaigns and #PlayPartworld.

As part of the promotion, a team of highly respected gamers in the community of NODWIN have made a list of their recommended games for different devices – mobile, PC and console. Some games are listed below:

Of mobile – Pool, Hearthstone, Last Day Cats, Marvel Super Wars, Roblox, Mobile Legends and Stand Off 2

PCs- Call of Duty Warzone, Dead By Dial, Rift, Smithe, Destiny 2, World Warships and Rocket League

Console – FIFA 20, Gears, Grand Theft Auto, Edge Catalyst of Mirrors, Sequero, Red Dead Redemption II and Spiderman.

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Game list

Globally, the need of the hour is to help people sit at home and help in their own way to make the curve flat. This global promotion is a way to inform and encourage a wider network of users in the gaming sector to follow social security standards. We have experienced a 25-30% growth in our visitors over the past few days. Gaming has so many things going on today – from careful mathematical reasoning to the constant euphoria of moving away from the unknown and, most of all, to free our minds from distress. Through these national games, we want to inform our community that they are not alone “, aiming to share the important message of security”, Siddharth Kedia, CEO, Nodwin Gaming.

About Nodwin Gaming:

Nodwin Gaming, India’s leading esports company, is an independent subsidiary of mobile gaming company Nazara Technologies, formed in 2015, the Gurugram-based company has created nearly 10,000 hours of gaming content, created 20 million + touchpoints and hosted 120+ gaming and esports events. Nodwin Gaming currently operates in India, the Middle East and South Africa.

Through its strategic partnership with players and publishers around the world including ESL, Mineski, Valve and Tencent, Nodwin has introduced some of the best global streaming services, such as DreamHack and ESL India Premiership, Merchandise, Gaming Effect Management Services, from IP to Gaming Indians through its strategic partnership with Indians.