NXT returns to reveal Charlotte Flyer’s first opponent

  • This NXT is sharing Quinn history with the superstar.
  • New NXT female champion sets the record straight!


Revised April 16, 2020, 06:36 IST

Queen ready to dominate the Black and Gold brand“/>
The Queen is ready to dominate the brand of black and gold

Charlotte Flair Turn on again Nxt And he puts it straight on the record of what he wants to achieve in the Black and Gold brand. Now he has revealed who will be his first opponent on NXT and it is none other than Mia Yim.

In an interview with WWE, Quinn said that what she had heard in the past few years was that the NXT women’s division was the best in all of WWE. He gave the brand the winning props in the Survivor Series. But now, he plans to run through the division and become the first superstar to dominate three different eras.

Charlotte Mia has chosen Yim as her first opponent in the NXT

During the interview, Charlotte will reveal that she will be facing Mia Yim when she returns to the brand. The queen also revealed the reason behind this.

Many may not be aware of this, but when Yam started in 2014, Charlotte’s first opponent on the NXT was The

HBIC provided a tweet in addition to Charlotte’s Challenge. He said it would be a completely different ball game in 2020, when they were ‘children’ at 20.

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