Opta revised the Premier League table for 80-minute games


06 May 2020, 00:32 IST has changed

Opt’s revised table if Premier League fixtures last 80 minutes.

Things will undoubtedly be different whenever English football is able to resume following the coronavirus epidemic.

Spectators are less likely to be present inside the stadiums to watch the activity unfold, while Premier League players and staff need to be away from family to protect them. The seasons can still play out at a conclusion but it doesn’t exactly happen when we expect it on the calendar.

However, can short games be the future?

Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, made the suggestion when he appeared on BBC Radio 4 Today on Tuesday.

“We don’t know the future. What we do know is how the proposals are laid out, what ideas are given, there are possibilities for more options, the games are more likely to not last a full 45 minutes,” he said.

Taylor’s comments have caused quite a stir on social media, with teams looking at what the Premier League table will look like now if they can play 60-minute matches instead – and Opt has created a revised stand for interesting reading.

Liverpool must be at the top, of course their 25-point lead against Manchester City will be reduced to 15. The top four positions remain the same as in the current table, although Manchester United are closed on Chelsea for a place in the Champions League final.

Arsenal got a welcome bump from ninth to sixth after scoring three points to clear rivals Tottenham just before Crystal Palace and in the bottom half.

Aston works great for Villa and Bournemouth without going for the full 90, although they did get six and four points respectively to rise from the relegation zone. Watford is convenient, more clear moving of danger

The team that will suffer as a result of this change is Newcastle United, as they have dropped seven places to 19th, Brighton and Hove Albion and Norwich City Sandwiched. The Canaries actually added five points to their current list, still supporting the rest.

This kind of situation has rarely been created for potential new owners in Newcastle, although they still have to play to avoid problems.