Orr Anderson reveals why Drew McIntyre failed in his first WWE stand


Changed 22 May 2020, 00:26 IST

Anderson thinks McIntyre was too weak“/>
Anderson thinks McIntyre was too thin

That’s what AW superstar Aaron Anderson said Draw MacIntyre At one stage with the first level was very weak WWE’sWhich contributed to the company’s failure to achieve the top spot.

Talking about it Podcast, Anderson claims that The Chase One Jimic Draw put too much pressure on Drake Montier, forcing the Scottish psychopath to despair.

“When you look at him [Drew McIntyre] Now that mature big rude look of hers? He looked like the first stage bodybuilder who was then ready for the show, you know? And I would tell him, ‘Draw you got too many leeches’ and he was trying to do whatever Vince liked. As far as we know Vince has always been a body man, “Anderson said (H / T: WrestlingNews).

“I know that being‘ chosen one ’is like anything else, when you get too stubborn and impose that moniker on someone? It’s a tough moniker for us to keep, even though we’re ‘working’ here, and it’s a ‘working’ moniker. I think the whole thing behind his mind? Vince probably went ‘Hey, he’s the next guy’ and if that’s the case then I can see why he’s so inclined. ”

The fall and rise of Draw McIntyre

The journey to the top of Drew McIntyre was nothing short of special. He was sacked by the WWE in 2014 but is now one of the biggest superstars in the pro-wrestling business.

He defeated Brooke Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year to become the WWE Champion. Drew McIntyre has been in a role ever since and has been appearing on the main event scene for quite some time.