Overreacting Child Behavior – Disciplined in 6 Ways

If you are upset with your overreacting child behavior, don’t forget you were a child once with a similar behavior or even worse than that.

Children and discipline are sometimes more like a south and north pole. I hope children won’t be hating me after their parents read my article. This new generation wants no control over their lives, they want to fly, want to reach up to the heights of the sky without the interference of anyone.

They need to learn; they are not flying birds but “Humans”, if they are not disciplined in a right way, the bond between parents and children starts getting weaker.

This kind of children have mostly single moms (who don’t know how to exactly handle them) like the one you just saw in the video, and these children do whatever they want and should be treated entirely in a different manner.

So what to do about your overreacting child behavior?

Well, consider the following points:

Scolding children is not a better option:

Anyways like you saw in the video, what did the scolding do in return?

If you are fed-up with your child’s behavior or want him/her to learn a disciplined way of living, then stop scolding him on every single thing.

It might offend them and they will start avoiding you and get uncomfortable in your presence.

All you can do is to stop talking to them for a certain period. Give them some space and let them realize their mistake and feel guilty.

Let them do what they want:

At this point, I am not being cruel but let your child do once whatever he wants.

Stopping them from going here and there, don’t touch that, don’t do that.

It’s irritating and most of the time it arouses curiosity in your child. Children want to experience things and no matter how much you stop them, they will still do them.

Now I am not saying to never to say anything. I am just saying that stop ordering them around all the time and give them a little space.

He will be doing the similar act in your absence if you stop them now.

E.g. if your child is going near a stove to touch it and you are again and again stopping him and scolding him. He will still go, no matter what you do. So let him feel the harmful rays or burn his pinky finger and it would be a life lesson for him.

Reward them more:

Children love appreciation.

Always reward them for their little efforts. If they score better grades or win some competition, reward them with their favorite gifts like a cool remote control car.

Go search for it more if you wanna, your child will do anything if you buy them this.

If they will work in a certain way or score good grades, they will be given their favorite things. I did everything to get a PlayStation. Hurrah!

I succeeded and guess what happened next?

Yup that one backfired, I got bad grades the next time because I was all into PlayStation all the time! But there is a solution to that problem too which brings us to our next point:

Take that Bribe (or anything they love) Away:

During or before exams, you can lock away the stuff from them and the job is done.

Just killed two birds with a single stone (metaphorically).

You need to do to this to  ‘discipline’ your child.

Every child has something close to his/her heart.

A teddy bear or any other stuff toy, video game etc. If your child is misbehaving constantly, snatch their love and break their heart for a while.

Understand the difference between your generation and theirs:

Social Media has become so vast that it will influence our children one way or another no matter what we do and so there comes a generation gap and the foremost important thing in a relationship between parents and children is to understand this generation gap.

We used to be like this and that won’t affect your child unless you understand their mentality. Your generation is way too different from theirs. They won’t be feeling shame in farting or burping in front of you but you do feel embarrassment.

So on a serious note, you need to discipline them in accordance to their mentality. Don’t argue or degrade them on every other thing. Give them some authority over their life. Once you stop suffocating them, they will do the same.

The point is ultimately it would create a bond of friendship and love.

Arousal of desire to behave in a certain way and get some awesome gifts. After all, they are kids.

So this is the one I hate the most, Say “NO” to your child:

They may cry or won’t talk to you for a while but it will ultimately be beneficial at their part. Just’ don’t give in, I mean I simply wrote “they may cry or won’t talk” but I actually meant that they will cry their butts off, literally rubbing themselves on the floor, rolling, shouting, screaming.
Some of you already know this! Anyways it’s for their best. They will realize it someday.

In short, whatever they do, don’t get emotionally blackmailed, don’t surrender, tell yourself the same old typical line “Baby it hurts me more than it hurts you, but it’s for your own good.”


Disciplining a child is a huge responsibility.

Where children need to learn the right way of behaving, at the same time parents need to learn as well the way to discipline them.

Scolding or interrupting time and again is spoiling your child yourself.

They are sensitive and emotional, handle them with patience and love and you will be loved and obeyed in return.