Paolo Costa wants champ-champ status


Changed 03 May 2020, 06:26 IST

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Paolo Costa

“The Eraser”, Paolo Costa The current two best champions want to be eliminated UFC. The Brazilian middleweight, in a recent interview, admitted that rising to 175 is a bit tough. And rightly so, he’s a big middleweight.

Costa doesn’t want to stop long enough to almost hang first MMA Damage nearby Israel AdesniaThe neck though. The process took its middleweight title. But once this goal is achieved, Costa wants to move towards light heavy weights. He was expected to fight Israel this summer, but given the current global situation, it is unknown whether the timetable will work. But the company needs to be as fast and efficient as possible, which gives it a glimmer of hope. Both fighters are from outside the United States, it could very well make the first title “Fight Island” Card; If the island of battle must exist, then since international fighters have plans to fight there.

The Coaster has light heavyweight titles on its radar as well

Then, the heavy hitter wants to jump into the 29-year-old light heavyweight division and has already left John Jones Notice. He said he didn’t need to “Two years” Israel needs it. The only problem Jane has with the gas tank is leave Israel. Despite his accomplishments, Costa has dangerous strength in both hands and, to be honest, not the worst on the ground. He is a typical home run hitter. If he doesn’t get you soon, he won’t get you.

Costa began his career with nine first-round finishes, followed by three second-rounders, before moving away with Joel Romero. Adesnia, Jones and anyone else he faced in 205 more and almost every case has a good tank ks

In the past, when middleweights jumped to 205, it had a 50-50 success rate. Guys like Luke Rockhold and Chris Wademan are warriors like Anthony Smith and Dominic Race Improved

Yes, Joan wasn’t that fast at the age of 21, but now she relies more on game planning than just talent; In theory he didn’t win his last 2 fights plus Gustafsson fights. Is there a hole in his game? Of course, everyone has them but they are so microscopic in the case of ‘bones’. But you can waltz at 205 and in the eyes of many people the GOAT belt is a bit of a distant grab especially since many have tried, and all have failed.

In addition to the semi-crowded top of the light heavyweight division, the zone should now keep an eye on the middleweights. And among them all Israel probably has the best chance of receiving him. Of course it’s out of Reyes and Santos. Costa is making a moving smart move according to body and health. But he needs some time to deal with the big boys. Even someone like Twenty Anderson can make him work hard on a mat because of his wrestling skills.

If he can’t beat Adesania, it remains to be seen whether he will travel there to regroup, or just take the step forward. Also if Israel jumps they can always run it in the higher divisions. The other thing Coaster has to understand is that now that he is swimming in the deep end of the pool how difficult things will be for him now.

Shooting for stars is great, sometimes how famous radio DJ Casey Kasem would tell you and “Keep your feet on the ground”.