Percy Harvin is looking to return to the NFL: the timing is right


Retrieved 23 April 2020, 00:36 IST

Percy Harvin played at Buffalo Bills in his time.

Nearly four years after playing his latest professional game, wide receiver and return specialist Percy Harvin is reportedly hoping for an NFL return.

Embarrassed at the age of one month at the age of 32, Harvin last played in the NFL in the 11th week of the 201st season, ending his first comeback after just two games.

He retired for the first time since the 2015 season after playing five games for Bill.

“I’m ready to come back to the NFL,” Harvin told ESPN. “I thought I was done, but that itch came back

Severe migraines initially forced Harvin to retire and he was recently suffering from severe physical pain, but hip surgery last August freed him from his physical illness.

“My body is feeling better,” he said. “Mentally I’m better. My family is better. The time is right.”

In the first round of the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, Harvin had 9090 receiving yards with six touchdowns, including 1,166 kickoff return yards in his first season, and was named the best NFL offensive rookie of the year.

He spent the first four seasons of the league with the Vikings before trading at the Seattle Seahawks and has 3,302 yards and 3,173 kickoff return yards during his time with Minnesota, including five kickoff return touchdown rankings in the NFL. That span.

After the 2013 season, the Seahawks returned to the জ 87-yard kickoff with a touchdown on the Seahawks Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos.

Harvin was one of the most dangerous playmakers in the league during his prime, but has played more than 10 games in a single season since 2011 due to various injuries. Despite being removed from the game for so long, it seems admirable that he will be able to catch the eye from the NFL team.

“The need for the ball to catch and make the catch later is always at a premium in the NFL,” said Harvin’s agent Alvin Kells. “I would be shocked if he wasn’t invited to someone’s camp.” Don’t you? “