PMPL 2020 South Asia S3 Day 1 Point Table


Retrieved 24 April 2020, 23:24 IST

PBGG Mobile PMPL has announced the 3rd season of South Asia Scripts so that there is a bigger prize pool to keep the fans busy during this trouble.

After several successful seasons, this version of the scrims will also feature PMPL-qualified teams from Southeast Asia, to raise the level of competition by at least one degree. Invited teams – Bigtron Sports, Morph, Murder Enlightenment and Team Secret – will face off against the best team PUBG Mobile Teams from South Asia.

The top 16 teams, divided into 3 groups, will compete against each other for a weekly পুল 1,500 prize pool. A total of 300 300 per week after 1 bag at the top of the leaderboard, the second and third place teams will receive 1000 1000 and 500 500, respectively.

The opening day of the PMPL South Asia S3 Scream was highly eventful, with BTR authorities influencing the event. The Indonesian team, which was also the PMCO Global Champion, topped the first tier leaderboard.

The BTR, known as the Red Aliens, showed steel nerves with some bold steps to reach the top of the table. They secured a chicken dinner on the weekend and entered the top 5 spots of the other 3 games, thus finding the right balance between continuity and aggression.

Top Ten Groups After Day One“/>
Top team after first 10 days

The talented Jugsky Scrit from Bigeron Sports was considered the MVP of the first day. He pocketed 13 murders in his name, harming more than 2,300 people.

The teams were Illuminati the Merder and U-Mumbai, who finished second and third, respectively, after BTR.

Note: The first day of the Scripts saw only group ‘A’ and ‘B’ play between the groups.

The top five perfumes of the first day of PMPL South Asia S3:

Top 5 fragrances after 1 day“/>
Top 5 perfumes after the first day 1

BTRJAXY – 13 killed (2304 casualties)

ILM | aRMJoNe – 12 murders (1472 losses)

INESxBADREV – 10 murders (1859 loss)

UMEx420op – 9 killed (2123 casualties)

BTRigen – 9 murders (1955 damage)

First overall position of the first day of PMPL South Asia S3:

  1. BIGETRON RA – 91 points
  2. Murder to ILLUMINate – 76 points
  3. UMExRXN – 67 points
  4. INES – 60 points
  5. Orange Rock – 58 points
  6. Marcos Gaming – 55 points
  7. Morph team – 48 points
  8. Team End – 42 points
  9. Spirit – 41 points
  10. VSGCRAWLERS – 34 points
  11. OD Svarik – 33 points
  12. Celtz – 23 points
  13. Team Hype – 23 points
  14. JYANMARA – 22 points
  15. Team Extreme – 19 points
  16. DEADEYES GUY – 10 points

The matches are being broadcast live officially PUBG Mobile Sports Be sure to join the live-action on the YouTube channel every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6.30am and cheer for your favorite team.