Pochettino open for Premier League returns and jobs outside of the top six in the Newcastle link


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 06:04 IST

Former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino

Former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has said he is back in the Premier League in connection with Newcastle United and is open to managing a team outside the top six.

Pochettino was sacked by Tottenham in November after a tough start to the 2012-2017 campaign, despite Sports reaching the Champions League final last season.

Previously linked with Manchester United and Real Madrid – the 48-year-old has emerged as a target for Newcastle and their potential Saudi-backed owners.

“I love England,” Pochettino told Sky Sports News. “My idea is to live in London but at the same time I am open to different countries, to hear what is happening and to see it.

“I’m ready and we have a lot of advanced coaching staff now. We’ve learned a lot from our experience at Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham. We have a lot to offer to people who will trust us in the future.”

Pochettino added: “I need to behave like I did on my first day as a coach. Two things are most important – one is the people, the fans behind each club. That is the structure that keeps football alive. All the organizations that provide entertainment are alive. The other is the idea of ​​clubs. .

“Every single club and organization has different cultures, different philosophies, different ways of working. They all have different plans for success.

“To be successful at a club you have to win the Champions League or the Premier League, but for others it has to finish in the top four or six. For Tottenham it was a competition to build a new stadium and at the same time build a team and cut the gaps in the top four.

“Every single club has different goals and as a coaching staff you need to hold on to these ideas until the end, when we are waiting for a new offer and we are able to deliver what a club expects from us. We are very happy. “

“The problem is which clubs are the top six?” He replied. “The top six are always changing. Tottenham are not in the top six, Arsenal are not in the top six.

“You have to respect all the clubs. All the clubs are working so hard and investing money. Clubs have the ambition to be in the top six or top four every season. I don’t think you can underestimate any club.”

In the coronavirus epidemic, Pochettino said: “We are living in a completely different era in football that we must discover. How are these clubs or organizations, because they are going to be after this virus disappears hopefully? This is a big question mark.

“That’s why it’s so difficult to know which project is going to be the right project. We are a coaching staff that is very receptive to listening to all the projects, all the people. We can learn from every single conversation and perhaps see an inspiration to go with them.”