Pochettino was happy Mourinho replaced him at Tottenham


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 04:16 IST

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Mauricio Pochettino (L) and Jose Mourinho (R)

Mauricio Pochettino is happy that Jose Mourinho has replaced him as Tottenham boss.

Tottenham sacked Pochettino in November, the team that finished 14th in the Premier League and reached the Champions League final in the 2018-19 season.

Mourinho was drafted as his replacement but has struggled for continuity despite taking Spurs to eighth place, overseeing his elimination from the FA Cup and Champions League before the coronavirus epidemic stopped.

Asked if he felt any resentment towards Mourinho, Pochettino said: “No, look at Jose, we’ve known each other for a long time.”

While in charge of Espanyol, Pochettino was associated with the Real Madrid post held by Mourinho.

Prior to the meeting between them, Argentina responded to questions from the report: “My kids sleep in Espanyol pajamas every night so it’s very difficult for me to think about changing clubs.”

This proved to be the beginning of a warm relationship, with Mourinho presenting Pochettino as a gift before the match to express his gratitude.

Pochettino said: “It was a very nice bottle of French red wine from me and two kits from French Madrid, Jose said: ‘Okay, from now on it’s for your kids to wear.'”

“We have had a good relationship since then and I am very happy he has replaced me at Tottenham.

“I am also happy to leave the club as it is and I am sure he is very grateful for the way we helped build the club, which is now his club.”

Pochettino added: “I always thought I would replace him. He was at Real Madrid. I said: ‘Oh, maybe one day I can take your place at Real Madrid.’ But look at how life works. He’s taken my place at Tottenham. It’s incredible, isn’t it? “

The failure to give Tottenham the glory of the Champions League still ranks at the age of 47, who felt they were the best team despite losing 2-0 to Liverpool in Madrid.

“We were much better than Liverpool and we probably deserved better results but the final was about to win,” Pochettino said.

“It’s not worth it or not, no one is ready to accept that in the Champions League final we did after 30 seconds and whatever changed, all the emotions.

“It’s hard to prepare a team for this event. I was very frustrated later. It was hard to stop crying, to feel bad.”

Pochettino soon realized that it would be difficult to move on to more success with the Spurs.

“I knew after five years at the club and with the way we were working and what happened, it was getting harder,” Pochettino said.

“Whether it’s a different plan or a reconstruction strategy, the possibility of being open to design in a separate chapter changed our minds a bit. The project should be difficult for us to maintain a different project, to improve.”

However, he has no ill intentions about stepping down from his post at the end of a tough start to 2019-20 towards Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

Asked if it was his last game with the Champions League final Spurs, he replied: “No, because my commitment to the club, Daniel and of course the players and fans was huge.

“I told Daniel that we ended up in a way that no one wanted to, it needed to end … it had to happen. If it didn’t happen, our relationship would last forever! And maybe it’s not good for the club or us.”

“We need to move forward when the decision is made. Our appointment decision was great and when the decision is not good for you, you have to show respect. Always, Daniel is going to be my friend. Everyone will be the people at the club.”