Poett said bringing back Lampard and Morris to the “perfect decision” to encourage Chelsea youth,


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 23:30 IST

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Frank Lampard and his Chelsea assistant Jody Morris

According to Gustavo Poet, it was the “perfect decision” to bring Frank Lampard and Judy Morris back to Chelsea to improve the club’s youth development.

With the return of former Chelsea midfielders as managers and assistants and the club’s transfer ban at the start of the 2012-20 season, the prospects for the youngsters at the academy have changed.

Chelsea outscored many youngsters and scattered cash in high-profile sciences, but having won the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge for four years, Payet now sees a different picture.

“You can get one player a place in the first team every year [from the academy] “Someone would come from somewhere else,” the poet told Status Performer.

“Tomorrow a player needed to perform. There’s a different way of working and I’m sure there’s no right or wrong. Every club has a different way of working with different people in charge.

“For many years at Chelsea, it was, ‘We want the players to jump on the pitch and they will perform that day’ – because of the transfer ban, it was something that needed to change.

“This young generation has the opportunity to play for the first team at a young age, for the first time in many, many, many years.

“The big, strong and perfect decision of the club to bring back Frank Lampard and get the support of the fans was the key.

“And his assistant, many don’t speak, is Jody Morris, who coached these kids before moving to Derby County with Frank Lampard.

“This connection seemed perfect to me, given the fear of having someone like Frank Lampard in front of you as a coach and as a Chelsea player, and the opportunity for the kids to be proficient enough to play for Chelsea.”

Payet believes that the place in the Champions League should have been dignified. In the past, Chelsea were fourth in the Premier League due to the Cornavirus crisis.

He added: “They were trying to finish the season well and in the Champions League [places], Which would be a great achievement.

“People respect it because of your name. But as I said before, we depend on the players.

“We’ve got young players and usually winning trophies with young players is very specific, very difficult, not impossible, but more difficult than players of a certain age.

“So, the opportunity to take part in the European Championships next year will be a huge achievement for Chelsea.

“These kids may be able to go to another level because the more you play against bigger, bigger opponents, the better off you will be. If you’re not good enough and you improve very quickly, you’ll get out.”