Prolific and a different dynamic pairing – how Timo Warner can fit in Liverpool


Changed 30 April 2020, 12:00 IST

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Arab Leipzig star Timo Warner and Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino

Timo Warner is heavily associated with Liverpool’s move, but how can a forward fit in the Premier League giants?

Werner Jurgen Klopp, 24, is a favorite for Klopp, who has played for Arabic Leipzig this season.

Germany International said in February that it was proud to be associated with Liverpool, who won the Champions League last season and that the campaign dominated the Premier League before being suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic.

But Klopp has already brought in Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino under his direction and the trio is being touted as one of the best attacks in the world.

We use Opt’s data to evaluate Warner and the trio and look ahead to Firmino’s final season in the Bundesliga before joining Liverpool.

Prolific Warner could add something different

Warner has scored 21 goals in 25 Bundesliga games this season, including two penalties, with third-placed Leipzig relying heavily on the forward. In the Premier League, Salah (1), Mane (14) and Firmino (eight) are among the 36 with less reliance on one Liverpool player. That means Warner has scored one goal every 97.6 minutes in the Bundesliga, far better than the Liverpool trio’s best Salah – 140.4. Warner also leads four Champions League players every 144.6 minutes.

He got the ‘biggest chance’ with 29 and has converted quite well in the Bundesliga. Warner converted 46.3 percent of his ‘big potential’, better than just Salah (.91.9), and better than Mind (34.6) and Firmino (20.6).

Salah has created the most ‘big chances’ of this quadrant with 12, although he is only slightly ahead of the rest at Vernar’s tenth, Firmino at number nine and Mane at number seven. But Salah has only six assists for each of the other three, compared to seven.

Firmino’s contribution just outside the goal

Sometimes questioned for his lack of goals, Firmino’s movement and work rate in Liverpool are praised. The Brazilian has won the Premier League final 327 times this season, with Warner (18), Salah (23) and Mane (21) under Firmino. Warner has only finished third in eight Champions League games, leaving Salah (six) ahead and the other three behind.

Firmino is a more successful dribbler than the rest, finishing 48 of 41 in the league at 59.3 percent, leaving the other three below 55 percent. Interestingly, Warner, who has fought in this division in the Champions League, has completed just seven of the 21 behind Firmino (18 of 26).

Delivery before moving as Warner Firmino

Firmino joined Liverpool from Huffenheim in 2015 for 29 million, much less than the £ 52 million currently for Warner. Firmino turned 23 in his final Bundesliga season, and Werner is celebrating his 24th birthday in this campaign. So how does Firmino’s last Bundesliga promotion compare to Warner’s this season?

2014-1. During the season, Firmino scored seven goals and provided 10 assists in 33 Bundesliga games, with Werner scoring 21 and 2 seven, respectively. Brazil’s international numbers were affected, however, and the woodwork was five times as remarkable. That means Warner’s ‘big chance’ conversion (46.3 percent) is better than Firmino’s (30.6), although how different they are again highlighted. Firmino created 67ces chances in that game in the opener, and Warner was above 35. Firmino also finished third in the final 27 times, compared to Warner’s 16. An incredible 261 compared to Warner’s 85.

Warner has plenty of offers, and he can add a different dynamic to Liverpool’s already stellar attack – and add a lot of depth, creating a potential even spectacular front four if Firmino comes down to play as number ten.