PUBG Mobile Crazy Miramar – Decoding Treasure Trave

Miramar is one of the most popular locations on the PUBGM map. This is not only because of the possibility of exciting long-range combat, but also because of the good enough looting. And now with the latest update from PUBGM, Miramar has become the new gold gem for loot and weapons that every player is waiting to get their hands on. Here’s your one-stop destination to help you navigate the PUBGM’s largest map to get to the best places to loot.

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PUBG Mobile – Map of Mad Mirama

Golden Mirado:

It was a topic of discussion in the city and since only one is available per game, you will have many players waiting for Miramar to get their hands on this new addition. Therefore, proceed with caution.

Once you reach the island of Spawn, mark the location near Hasinja del Patron. Go to the marked place, and you will spot a tall building. Enter the garage of this tall building and there you will find the Golden Mirado!

Keep in mind that the Golden Mirado has only been created on the map once, which means players should try to get there as soon as possible, or any other player will accept it.

Vending machines:

The new update of PBBG Mobile 0.06.0 brings a new revised version of Miramar, adding a bunch of new features. Among them is a vending machine set up exclusively and randomly with Mad Mirama and scattered across the map.

The vending machine delivers painkillers and energy drinks that require a 10-second break to deliver the next item.

Here are some guaranteed places where you can find them:

1. Pechado: Pecado is one of the locations where players can discover a vending machine. This is one of the few places where the machine can span. The area has the famous arena or boxing ring, the casino and a few multi-storey buildings around it.

2. Los Lyons: There are several blue multi-storey buildings in this place and these are the buildings that are most likely to discover your vending machine. Properly inspect the ground floor of these buildings.

3. Kissers: The only place where you can find a vending machine in Chumesera. This place is also marked on the map of Chumasera shown above. It is a small yellow 2 storey building. These types of buildings can probably look like a vending machine like a 4 to 6 storey blue big building. You can also get a lot of looting in this small town Chumesera. So, don’t forget to visit this place and grab that vending machine.

Flare gun:

The flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that, when fired, calls for a custom airdrop with a lot more valuable equipment than normal airflow.

Here are the best places to find them:

1. Pechado: Also known as Hottest Drop: You should see Miramar Flair first for the song. A small town on the map of Mirama, it was once a tourist center featuring the largest casinos in the region. Pecado still fascinates players today with its combination of high-value looting and huge dangers. Instead of going directly to arenas and casinos like most offensive players you should go to four-story hotels between them.

2. Hacienda del Patren: Hacienda del Patrine is a major location in Miramar, near San Martin. It has a huge villa revolving around it. The value of loot located in the area is very high. Since this is the warmest drop after Pecado, you need to land and quickly get the gun to clear the area.

3. Prison: The prison is a major feature on Miramar’s map because it is the span space or waiting area before the start of the match. Most people ignore this area because it is located in the southwestern part of Mirama which is far away from the safe area but it can provide a flare song as well as a sufficient amount of loot for the whole squad.

4. Cemetery: This is a small area considering the available loot is insufficient for the whole squad but enough for a single player. Players assume that the church is a possible location for a flare gun, but not often, you will find one in the cemetery.

5. Impala: It is a small town on the map of Miramar but a high-intensity area, it is famous for looting and armor. If you are in a hurry to get here, chances are you will clear a peak gun.

Scapegoat Winchester 94:

With the 0.18.0 update, the final weapon PUBGM players have been waiting for is finally here! With a 2.7 x scope, the gun has become more versatile, allowing players to use it as a mid-range sniper.

Best places to look for:

1. Water treatment facilities: Water treatment facility is a public utility area. While it may not seem like the most exciting place in Miramar, it may be the most fulfilling place to touch you. Since the area is initially vertical, it rewards players who quickly occupy the high ground. If you do this, you are in the first position to find other players and dominate the game with the loot you get there. The best thing is usually in water containers.

2. Campo Military: Not only is there some of the best looting in this place, but it spreads even further considering it bigger than Pechador. This should give you plenty of space to plan the ambush and get the players out of the wilderness. This is a defensive position that will reward the tactical player.

3. El Pozzo: Miramar is a big city and known as popular Pozo. El Pozzo is located in the upper left zone of the map. El Pozzo has plenty of loot spans, the best places to explore are the Cement Buildings, Large Warehouses, Motels, Circus Circle Area, The Big Burns, Blue Ground Buildings and Boxing Rings.