PUBG Mobile Season 13 last date released


Retrieved 14 May 2020, 18:28 IST

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PUBG Mobile Season 13 is the last date of Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has begun and a brand new Royal Pass has entered the RP category.

The latest Royal Pass Season 13 The new awards feature a bunch of features including vector skin, ghost costumes and a Power Rangers character. All of these prizes can be claimed after purchasing the Elite Royal Pass.

When will the PUBG mobile season end?

According to the RP section of the game, the 13th season of PUBG Mobile will end on July 7th.

After the season ends, all player positions will be reset and a new season will begin in the game. For the new season, PUBG Mobile executives will soon release a dedicated update.

PUBG Season 13 Royal Pass

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PUBG Season 13 Royal Pass

The PUBG mobile season started on May 13 and the RP section of the game has been officially unlocked. The season is based on a toy theme called ‘Toy Playground’.

The new update brings a new male character, Andy, who has the ability to speed up gun drawing and holstering.

Moreover, Power Ranger legendary outfits, and vector skins have also been introduced in the game. Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger will be unlocked at 50 rank and Ultra Defender is set at 100 rank.

The standard version of the Royal Pass costs around 600 UC and the Elite Plus Royal Pass costs 1800 UC. Both forms offer different benefits to players in terms of missions and rewards.

Upgrading to the 13 season Royal Pass is easy so to do this, one can follow this guide: How to buy Season 13 Royal Pass on PUBG Mobile. In addition, Sportskida has a dedicated guide for anyone who wants to upgrade for free.

How to get free PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royal Pass?