PUBG Update 7.1 Live with now updated Weekend Maps and more


Retrieved 23 April 2020, 12:24 IST

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Players can cross the island updated in style on one of Weekend’s new trains. You can board one of several new stations. Other changes include the removal of snowmobiles and snow bikes, the overall reduction of snow and the temporary removal of canopy weather, which will return later after some visible improvement of its own.

Weekend map update

Weekend is better than ever with updated landmarks, trains and some changes in the seasons.

  • Trains have been added and can be seen running on multiple tracks across the weekend
  • There is a large train line in the interior of the island with a connected track that extends along the Vicente perimeter.
  • Trains stop temporarily at train stations across the map
  • Decreased snow cover
  • Snow cover in the southern part of the island has further decreased
  • Snowbikes and snowmobiles have been removed
  • Motorcycles and motorbikes will be encouraged instead of Sidecar, being a more versatile vehicle for changed regions
  • The weather will be clear or snowy.
  • Moonlight has been removed for now, but will return at a later date with visual improvements.
  • General maps have been customized
  • You can play updated weekends in custom matches
  • A new cargo depot has been added