QB Jared Goff says the Rams are ‘OK’ in the new look

  • Jared Goff remains confident even after being ousted twice from the Los Angeles Rams.


16 Apr 2020, 05:44 IST changed

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Gough

After one of the league’s most explosive offenses in the Super Bowl in 2018, the Los Angeles Rams’ high-scoring attack took a step back last season. It will be a pair of playmakers this season, but quarterback Jared Goff said he would not be worried.

After Goffley was released March 5 and Cooks was traded to the Houston Texans on Friday, Toffey and receiver Brandin Cooks could no longer hold him back.

“It’s always hard to lose friends or colleagues,” Gough said during a conference call Wednesday.

“I understand that the game has a business and these two boys understand, too, and that was a decision. Whatever the decision, we moved on.”

Despite being a three-time Pro Bowler with Gurley and a four-yard receiver four times in Cooks, Goff is not seeing the reason for the panic.

“We’ll be fine,” he said. ” Something to worry about. I mean, we need a lot of work, [but] It’s only April now, and we’re going to work through this offseason and let’s see what happened to the coronavirus, but that’s how the game is going. Teams are always changing, and we’re going to look for other contributors. “

Running back Darrell Henderson Jr. is expected to fill the void in the backfield and Josh Reynolds will step into the starting receiver. Henderson carried the ball 397 times for 147 yards and a 3.8 average last season, and Reynolds caught 21 passes for 326 yards and one score.

“I would expect things like Bradin and Todd to be made no more. That is the easiest way to say it,” Gough said. “There were a lot of runs that Todd really liked and a lot of stuff that we were able to get Todd into the ball in certain ways.”

Garley had 2 offensive touchdowns in 20, as the Rams earned second place in the NFL with 12.3 points per game – the highest mark of the franchise after averaging 4.1 points per team. Los Angeles’ score last season was tied for 5th in the league in 11th and 2.5 per game. Points were points, and Gough said that regardless of who was standing around him, the offense was all that mattered to him.

” It was always up to me, ” he said. ” It was always at quarterback and it never changed. Ever since I’ve been in the league, it’s always been my turn to do that. ‘

16 Apr 2020, 05:44 IST Published

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