Queen’s Fox, Giroud Montpellier and Verona’s Shock Serie inspire it.


Changed 02 May 2020, 12:30 IST

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Leicester City have picked up the Premier League

Leicester City fans can be forgiven for imagining Andrew Boseli’s ‘Nesun Dorma’ belt on the King Power Stadium pitch and their heroes picking up the Premier League title as part of a great dream.

Future sports quizzes can scratch their chins and decorate their brains while trying to remember Aficanodo Wes Morgan as the title-winning captain.

Indeed, if any of these situations were presented as a possibility before the 2015-16 campaign, speakers of such suggestions would probably have to struggle with a considerable amount of pointing, laughter, and a related look.

And yet, even after the pre-season reaction of 5000-1-1, Claudio Rainier’s cunning focus has spread the challenge of spreading a fairy tale completely from the big hitters of the Premier League that resonated around the football world.

It’s been four years since Leicester’s glorious moment was confirmed after Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea, and on this occasion we’ve seen several potential title wins in football history.

Nottingham Forest 1977-78:

When Brian Cliff took over at City Ground in January 1975, the old second division forest was down. Forrest was promoted two years later, and they became top flight champions in their first season, led by Maverick Klaf. Forrest won the European Cup in 1979 and 1980 in a golden age for the club.

Hellas Verona 1984-85:

In modern times Hellas Verona is known as the perennial yo-yo club, which is floating between Serie A and the wedding, but they were at the top of a star-studded mound in the mid-80s, led by Osvaldo Bagnoli. In a league with Carl-Heinz Rummenig (Inter), Michel Platini (Juventus) and Diego Maradona (Napoli), a well-designed Verona team sat at the top of the pile in shock, considered one of the best in Italian football.

Sampdoria 1990-91:

Just six years after Juventus, Napoli (twice), Milan and Inter each won the title, there was another surprise in Italian football as Sampdoria became champions for the first time. Before Gianluca Viali and Roberto Mancini inspired the glory of the Strikeforce title, Yugoslav coach Bajadin led two Coppa Italia successes and a European Cup-winning Cup before Bosque Sampa. Arigo Saki’s memorable Milan squad has been downgraded, with a team of Italy’s ’90 World Cup winners Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Mathews and Andres Brehme in third place.

Deportivo La Coruna 1999-2000:

Barcelona and Real Madrid may now be grouping together in La Liga, but in the 1990-200 campaign it was a moderate provincial club in southwestern Spain, Deportivo, that shook the Apple Cart – thanks in part to previous funding from President Augusto Cesar Landoiro. A team including Roy Makeye, Paleta and Flavio Concicao celebrated a famous La Liga title.

Wolfsburg 2008-09:

Bayern Munich has historically reigned in the Budesliga, but there were five different winners in eight seasons from 2001-02 to 2008-09. Those who last saw Wolfsburg became champions for the first time in their history. Bayern were second, two points behind, after finishing 5-0 in the final of the round in Hanover, losing 5-1 to Werder Bremen. For Felix Magath, the goal-scoring exploits of graphite (26) and Edin Dekeco (266) were important.

AZ 2008-09:

It turns out that 2008-09 was a year of upsets. AZ’s own success story was described by Louis van Gaal as “my little masterpiece”, who joined in 2005 as the coach of Barcelona after a life of pressure cookers. The 26-match unbeaten run was crucial for AZ, who won the championship for the second time before signing more names in Dutch football.

Monitor 2011-12:

Paris Saint-Germain is the modern powerhouse of Ligue 1, but it was a strange story in 2011-12, the first season of the PSG under their wealthy Qatari owners. And instead of the victory of the capital giants, it was the elimination of Montpellier that celebrated the obscure success. PSG invested in the future by bringing Carco Angelo to the Parc des Princes in December 2011, and the likes of Kevin Gamero, Javier Pastor and Jeremy Menez came in the near season. However, behind Olivia Giroud’s 21 goals, Montpellier celebrated their first flying victory by finishing three points in the PSG – and still only a top-flight victory.

Leicester City 2015-16:

It was an achievement that forced former England striker and famous Fox fan Gary Lineker to present the first episode of next season’s Match of the Day in his pants (but this is only short-lived). As a result of N’Golo Kant’s tireless work in midfield, Riyad Mahrez’s witch in the window and Jamie Verdi’s scoring exploits in the window, the Foxes have lost just three times in an unforgettable season and cleared Arsenal’s 10 points in second place. Ordinary challengers can endure a lot of suffering but nothing can ever reveal extraordinary feats.